12 mejoras para su financiación

Olga Delgado (SEFH), Ramón García Sanz (SEHH) and Enriqueta Felip (SEOM).

The scientific societies of Hematology and Chemotherapy (SEHH), Medical Oncology (SEOM) and Pharmacy Hospitals (SEFH) se unen para reclamar más transparency and clinical security in the process of approvation of new pharmacists para tratar el cancer. A conjunctive document drawn from the General Directorate of Carter Común of the Ministry of Sanidad or the Spanish Agency for Medicinal Products (Aemps), mark los 12 points a mejorar in the process of incorporating drugs into the SNS health cart.

These societies are now saber Medical Redactiontambién han solicitado a reunion with the leaderboard by Carolina Darias with the objective of for articular a work line with the conductors of the Ministry of Sanidad.

Respect the document, it is divided into four .reas which includes the following points: proceeding of drug registration, elaboration of Therapeutic Position Information (IPT), evaluation nodes and precision fission and funding.

Public stability in the approval process

At the first point, the three buscan scientific societies “Guarantee transparency and transparency” of the registration process of a new medication or indication, which is more than all of the medication approval fee by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) discloses the feces of the posterior proceeds.

“It simply came to our notice then incertidumbres and an indefinite period of opacidad in which the situation in Spain is declared, and produced inequalities in access según the hospital and the Autonomous Community ”, detail the societies.

But this is motivation, piden que the feces are published in which the company is present in Aemps la solicitude of Código Nacional and in which organism is sent Código Naciona Communication Notificationfor commercialization in Spain, including the pharmaceutical industry as well as the General Directorate of Cartera Básica. “Series allows the publication of pass-through feces, in a form that allows the unbalance of the whole process and as such know the current situation of a new medication approved by the EMA and not funded in Spain ”, assured.

The IPT, in the focus of the complaints

Respect the los IForms of Therapeutic Positional Care (IPT)which abarcan the method of their propositions, the first complaint is concomitant with duration of the pilot phase of the Consolidation Plan of IPT, the variables of the value of the results and the posterior planes.

La segunda propuesta pasa por “guarantee” the participation of multidisciplinary experts in the elaboration of IPT. Mientras que tercer lugar proponen realizar asesoría des las sociedades socientifas the experts maintained the elaboration of these IPTs. The way in which scientific organizations offer a relationship of specialists (with their respective declarations of conflict of interest) in cancer of the mother, digestive tumors, lung, genito-urinary, gynecological, melanoma, sarcoma and hematological tumors.

By the way, las sociedades advertise greater transparency in the types of elaborationinclude the magnitude of clinical benefit of the medication ESMO scale (ESMO-MCBS) y la periodic revision of the information. In particular, suggest the publication of the phases in which IPT identification is identified three stages: document approved by the red coordination group, one view has been revised by the corresponding evaluation node; trace the analysis of the delegations of the agents of interest, and fail to incorporate the IPT into an account that has been accurately and re-approved.

Three suggestions for evaluation nodes

Ante the new structure of the Red Evaluation of Drugs (REvalMed), in which 120 experts and clinicians of the CCAA participated, the societies claiming that “it is important to guarantee multidisciplinary reporting in every evaluation”, hacked public the list of experts.

Compared to evaluation nodes, all medical organizations subject to “Guarantee” a multidisciplinary evaluation of IPT with the participation of oncologists, hematologists and pharmacists. Además, advertise that se hagan public the delegations that IPT is performed and responds to masses.

Precision and stroke fission

The fourth point of the document lays down the propositions on precision and stamping. Por un lado, piden que to publish the criteria that apply to the financing of a medicine or an indication. If you do not approve it, consider it convenient justifiable information when the funding is reduced. “It is not necessary to clarify that, in action, it is necessary to record decisions based on criteria of conscientiousness, as long as there is no need for conscious sacrifice”, reivindican.

For the sake of brevity, suggest that the indications for which medicines or combinations are indicated and which are referenced in the form of explosives when the existence of alternative therapies. “All indications must be made as to which drugs or combinations are intended for reference in the form of explosions.

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