A rider from Cabrera is part of the Cordovan team of the National Festival of Dressage and Folklore.

A rider from Cabrera is part of the Cordovan team of the National Festival of Dressage and Folklore.

“Thank God this year has been a blessing for us. We’ve been fighting this for a long time. In 2005 I had the opportunity to represent the state of Catamarca, and then I went for another four years but to ride on the gold brooches”, commented the 39-year-old neighbor. “I was never able to fight for the title again in ten nights. And this time, it was given to me to fall into my rough and over-the-counter category and what was my dream for Córdoba science,” he told Puntal.

For the first time, and after many attempts by the Cabreran rider, luck allowed “everything happens”. While no one in the environment of Jineteada doubted the circumstances under which he had agreed to be part of the Cordovan team since he was little, luck was not always there, in the protagonist’s own words.

“At this point in my career, I want to bring this important award to our city as a trainer”

This year the provincial championship was held and thus three riders were selected from Cordoba, one in each category: one in croup, one in croup and the other in rough and hob. “When I raced I always made it to the final and then the horse failed me; It would have stood if it had not fallen, but it happened this year. Everything went well in four dates,” Caberense said.

The sum of the points on the four dates helped Orozco reach the goal. It all started at General Cabrera on 22 May, then continued at Jovita, Las Varillas and finally Arroyito.

While being at the Jesús María Festival is a real source of pride for the riders, the costs of the competition are borne by the entrant, which often creates a lot of difficulty: “That’s the ugly side of this great festival. They don’t take responsibility for anything. When I was part of the Catamarca team in 2005, the company Prodeman from General Cabrera helped me with the expenses. That year, the province of Catamarca was not responsible for the costs. It’s about the same this year,” he said.

The organization issues only two tickets to the participant, one for himself and the other for a double; but “there are many nights and we need to rent a place to concentrate and rest.”

Regarding the preparation, the driver remembered the physical delay caused by the pandemic. In her own words, “You couldn’t participate in these activities and it wasn’t the same no matter how much you jog or how much you go to the gym to exercise. I used to ride a bike and it helped me a bit. But I am grateful to Don Miguel Depetris, who has a criollo hut in General Cabrera. He gave me a few horses to tame and that helped me a lot. I ride all day. That’s what works and I take that as my training,” he said.

Meanwhile, at Jesús María, the jockey race will begin on January 6, the day before Orlando travels to compete. At the point where my career as a trainer has come, I want to bring this important award to our city.”

In this order, he reviewed his career not only in the country but also abroad. “I have been riding for many years and had the opportunity to go to Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, where I went two years in a row. I came second in the Montevideo meadow, which is one of the most important festivals like Jesús María here. I also came second in Diamante two years in a row. Then in 2001′ I also went to Jesús María to wear the gold brooches, I won a gold brooch”.

“After the awards we received in many cities, thank God we toured the whole country. There was a lot of truth, but that was what was missing,” he explained, referring to his pending account at the national festival in Córdoba.

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