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Carlos Zúñiga’s other non-business “business” and takeover of the bullfight

Talking about Bibio for a businessman like Carlos Zuniga He talks about Gijón’s origins, his education, years of work, and his love for a bullfight, whose bulls went extinct for the first time last year—apart from the pandemic. the whim of a mayor little has been given to respect freedom who don’t think like him. But El Bibio is also the name the man from Valladolid gave to his ‘other’ work, although it was closely related to him, apart from the bullfighting activity. This is the name of his mortar, who has already managed to make a name for himself and gain a place among the most demanding rejoneadores.

But that wasn’t Carlos’ first idea, he just wanted to satisfy his taste for tyranny and destruction and the simple fact of horseback riding when he decided to settle in the mountains of Madrid in 2010. “When I come to live in Sierra de Madrid, I start with my illusion of breeding Lusitano horses, and to that end, I can rent a small farm to enjoy the leisure, abuse and destruction that I always have a copy of. »Zúñiga explains, always motivated by his apparent love of the Portuguese horse.

Some starters targeting bullfight lines

Rui Fernandes in Madrid behind the Jaguar by El Bibio

Although it was said that the first claims were not overly ambitious, it turned out that it was not bad in raising foals. “I start with two middle-aged Lusitano mares who gave me the first crops”He remembers Zúñiga with a certain longing, “And gradually I tried to improve, always thinking more about horses that have bullpup lines and can also be used for fieldwork. Whether cross or thoroughbred, I believe the Lusitano horse is the most versatile horse for all of this.”continues, explains Carlos; by embracing the idea of ​​continuing to be proud of products that already anchor Bibiosome fight with leading rejoneadores, for example Diego Ventura or Rui Fernandes.

We carried the beginning in these bullfight lines Bibio with horses the size of hallucination and Jaguarboth in blocks as relevant as rejoneadores Diego Ventura and Rui Fernandes, both step into the Madrid arena with successful performances. actually own Jaguarson of a celebrity bankruptcy and a Lusitanian mongrel mare, she also fought in the barn duarte fernandes, Rui’s nephew. Also rejoneador from Salamanca Victor Herrero In his stable is one of the horses that make up the list of stallions on the stud farm: famous.

Stallions reinforcing breeding

Given the Lusitanian origin that Carlos wanted to impart to a barn seeking versatility, the home’s seed comes from contrasting lines well established in neighboring Portugal. These are the horses bred today in El Bibio:

  • Condestavel (PSL) of iron Santa Margarida. Gray jacket. Silver Medal in Lisbon division for 3 and 4 year old colts. He was considered a stallion. son- Broa Quartet (PSL) iron Manual Veiga.
  • Uranium (PSL) of iron Sociedade das Silveiras. Berry layer. He was considered a stallion. son- Herod (PSL) iron Manuel Assuncao Coimbra.
  • Square (PSL) of iron Manuel Assuncao Coimbra. Berry layer. He was considered a stallion. son- Talented (PSL) Manual Veiga. in your possession Ruferser Stud and loaned to meet in 2022.
  • Glorious (PSL) of iron Ascencao Vaz. Gray jacket. is his son and grandson Black (PSL) iron pinheiro who did he fight Paulo Caetano and that he is the son of a celebrity Nile (PSL) Manual Veiga. Part of rejoneador’s barn from Salamanca. Victor Herrero.

The sarees that are a foundation to work on for the future

If fathers are important to building reputation in a breeder, the importance of mothers also determines the characters you want to print in a barn. This is why Zúñiga gives a fundamental role to the six abdominal bloods he currently has:

  • Diana (PSL) of iron Manuel Assuncao Coimbra. Gray jacket. her daughter Square (PSL) and hence grandson Talented (PSL).
  • Fame (PSL) of iron Paulo Caetano. Gray jacket. her daughter Barao de Lagoalva (PSL) and hence the grandson of the famous Hostile (PSL) iron Borba.
  • Xana (PSL) of iron Paul Ponte. Chestnut jacket. her daughter Playful (PSL) Ferraz da Costa and hence his grandson Coral (PSL) nuncio.
  • Lambrusca (Portuguese cross) of iron Diego Ventura. Sorrel jacket. her daughter To show (PSL) Arsenio Cordeiro and hence his grandson marine (PSL) Ferraz da Costa who is her father among others Nasrid (Wind) or Barge (Desert) iron of both Arsenio Cordeiro.
  • AP purity (PSL) of iron Antonio Paim. Berry layer. her daughter wild man (PSL) iron Sociedade das Silveiras and hence the grandson of the famous trinko (PSL) Roman Tavares.
  • Purity JR (Portuguese cross) of iron Ribeiro Telles. Elizabethan cloak. her daughter Tower (PSL) Salgadas Agricultural Society.

Mounted horses, confirmation of a prestige won by Carlos Zúñiga

But the main success of a stud farm like El Bibio commanded by Carlos Zúñiga undoubtedly lies in its potential to bring the bullfighter horses to the respective stables as well as to important national and international dressage competitions. These are some examples of horses and mares that have been ridden and have had tremendous success in their discipline.

  • Hand Bibio Illusion (PSL). Gray jacket. son- Diana and bankruptcy (PSL) iron Arsenio Cordeiro and 2 times the grandson of the celebrity Novilheiro (PSL) Manual Veiga. fought on the blocks Diego Ventura, Rui Fernandes or Paco Velasquez. He is rated as a stallion.
  • El Bibio Idol (Portuguese Crusader). Chestnut jacket. son- xoxa (PSL) has twice as many grandchildren as the celebrity Nile (PSL) Manual Veiga and Anger (Portuguese Crusader) of iron Xavier San Jose fighting with himself Moura Caetano and that he is the son of a celebrity isko of the Fernando Salgueiro. Part of rejoneador’s barn from Salamanca. Victor Herrero.
  • El Bibio Liter (PSL). Gray jacket. son- Fame and ZAZÜ (PSL) owner Gouveia House who is the granddaughter of celebrities trinko Y Hostile. Part of rejoneador’s barn from Salamanca. Victor Herrero.
  • El Bibio Teacher (PSL). Berry layer. her daughter Diana and Uranium. Part of rejoneador’s barn from Salamanca. Victor Herrero.
  • El Bibio Gold (PSL). Chestnut jacket. son- Diana and Barge (Referred to as Deserto in the PSL. Stud Book).
  • Paulo de El Bibio (Portuguese Crusader). Chestnut coat, face and cuatralbo. son- lambrus and celebrities azacan (Spanish Arabic) Marquess of Villarreal and therefore his brother DivineSpanish Harassment and Falling champion with Tomás Morenés.
  • Nobility of El Bibio (Portuguese Arabic 50%). Berry layer. her daughter indomitable (PSL) iron jose palha and fox (pure Arabian race) iron Agricultural House of Cortés de Moura.
  • Jaguar (Portuguese Cross) son- bankruptcy and a Lusitanian cross mare. fought with Rui Fernandes and his niece Duarte.
  • El Bibio Jalili (PSL) son- ogiva Rio Frio and Uranium. Currently in training trials.
Jaguar and Illusion at El Bibio with Rui Fernandes
Jaguar and Illusion in the mangers of El Bibio in Gijón
Jalil from El Bibio

And finally we must apply jarifawhose iron is he walking Carlos Zuniga He is successful in training on international stages and wherever he goes, showing that the breeder has the same versatility. Carlos Zuniga Search for your animals.

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