La música cristiana, eje para mejorar la sociedad

Christian music, the axis of improving society

this Christian music It has a great impact on the strengthening of society. It is an awareness tool against vices, violence, corruption, prostitution, infidelity, hatred and depression. A soul relaxer that promotes human relationships, creativity and work performance.

These numerous advantages are advocated by the Catholic singer-songwriter. Enrique FelizThe preacher carrying his guitar assumes his last name, but as a good music missionary without an accent, he takes it upon himself to be a partner in the transformation of his environment and beyond.

It emphasizes the change that has occurred in many men and women thanks to evangelization with this method and its great acceptance among the public. Christians and apostatesthose who live outside the religious world. But they believe and they have a good relationship with God, and even thanks to a song, many of them are already part of the “army of Christ.”

“Millions of people in the universe have changed their lives, moved from darkness to light, from disappointment to hope, freed from the bondage of gnawing scourges and all the evils that plague humanity,” he happily declares. so be it

The definition encompasses the whole concept: Christian music is the gospel turned into art, therefore, it is an uplifting pastime, a culture for coexistence that conveys the highest values. harmonious, supportive and peaceful.

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Thus, without much fuss or fuss, this line is highly respected and appreciated among good people. This acceptance has resulted in more and more secular stations aware of the broad public who need, demand and consume it, by including it in their programmes.

“If it hasn’t been strengthened on the dial, it’s because, in general, all non-secular radio projects are affiliated with a religious denomination and irrational rejection of artists who don’t belong to that movement, even if they’re Christian. This is very painful,” he complains.

It affirms that music is no less important item for the country’s economy, and that the musicians, singers and writers who produce it are a hotbed of employment opportunities spanning a social spectrum beyond.

Christian/secular coexistence

Enrique Féliz explains that the great leap of faith never swept him away from good worldly productions, and the reason this went unnoticed was because on his missionary trips he focused almost exclusively on his service while working it out for others. in the apostolic service at home and abroad and in the congregations.

“Actually, all the hit songs I’ve composed for local and foreign artists for 22 years were already Christian.”

Now he returns to the secular arena, uniting both with the herald and in the same element: the quality of the lyrics and the rhythm. In the pandemic, which has left him with rich and valuable teachings, he considers the harmony of both fields with value-laden works and goes back to writing and giving secular concerts, expanding his service in a wide range. viable alliance

“On the other hand, what does not fit the Bible or Christian life is to cling to the principles of irrational bigotry and to become a burden to others rather than a useful and productive being,” he warns.

He is not afraid that he will be deceived for so long among the Christian species, that those who consume the secular will always see him as the interpreter of religion, and that the faithful will find this influx of the “worldly” strange. “This is not important to me.”

“Years ago I was inoculated against gossip and the fear of what people would say, and I make that clear on ‘Chaleco anti bla, bla, bla. I assumed that by answering his call, I would serve God forever, and music is the best. That’s why I’m not afraid of the image of a Christian artist. I take it as a blessing, a privilege and an honor,” she concludes.

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