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How to Tame Animals in Minecraft – Kind of Relaxation

to tame anyone to tame development to tame to a wild animal for the player to take out his friend. Only certain animals are likely to be trained. These, to tame these animals and how they interact after being trained:

  • Wolves: There are possibilities to tame give them bones. You will know that the wolf has been tamed when he has a red collar around his neck. You can paint this necklace a different color by right clicking with the paint in your hand. A domesticated wolf will attack any crowd that is attacked by its owner, with the exception of reptiles. Domesticated wolves complain when their health is declining. You can tell your wolf’s health by the position of its tail: the higher the tail, the higher its health. You can cure a domesticated wolf by feeding it any meat other than fish.
  • Cats: There are possibilities to tame he gives them raw cod or raw salmon. Cats run away quickly, so it’s important to stay still while feeding. Cats will follow their owners and it is good to have them with them as cats do not like to approach them. Horses, donkeys and mules. They have facilities to tame Try to ride them over and over until they stop tricking you and hearts appear around them. Equipping these animals with a saddle allows you to control the direction of movement of the animal while riding. You can equip the horses with armor to further protect them from damage. You can equip donkeys and mules with a chest for even more storage space.
  • Llamas: Just like horses, donkeys, and mules, llamas are tamed with repeated attempts to ride them until they stop tricking you. Players cannot control llamas as they cannot mount a mount. However, they can be attached to a leash to follow the player. You can also equip the llamas with a storage chest.
  • Parrots: They have the opportunity to tame gives them seeds. Once tamed, they will follow their masters. If you encounter a pet parrot, it will climb onto the player’s shoulders. Be careful what you feed your parrots because feeding them biscuits will kill them.

How to tame fox in minecraft

So night came and you found the fox, but it kept running away from you. Like other scary creatures in Minecraft, foxes are a bit shy, so you have to sneak around them to get close to them. However, an easy way to bridge the gap between the human race and the fox race is to have some bright or sweet Minecraft fruits on hand. They love these things so make sure you have a handful of them before sneaking up on them and also interacting with the fox. Small hearts blooming on the top will show that your gift has been received.


Luckily, horses can be found in much simpler biomes. pretty simple to tame to one, now that they have a good time with various foods: golden apples, wheat, straw bales, carrots, sugar.

To tame a horse, we must feed it and then saddle it. It is essential to dwell on it until the time it stops kicking and we observe the heart in its head.


All we have to do is to tame According to wolves, it is to feed them with bones. So those that can be found in chests in caves or by killing skeletons. We should add that wolves who use violence against us are unlikely to be domesticated in any way.

For to tame horses, we need a mount. The object in question can be found in different caves, more precisely in chests. The idea is to wear the frame all the time until you walk away.


There are several animals you can have in Minecraft. to tame and as a pet. to tame to an Animal gives players the “Best Friends for Life” achievement, an aptly named one because once the animals are tamed they will follow the player wherever they want. Every tamable animal in Minecraft has its own taming form and multiple permissions.

Parrots are the least important of all tamable animals in Minecraft. They will follow the player, fly next to them and allow them to avoid unpleasant surfaces such as lava pools. Parrots can also sit on the player’s shoulder while traveling, giving them a very stylish look.

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