International Day of Music or Santa Cecilia 2022: origin, meaning and traditions of Spain |  Music

International Day of Music or Santa Cecilia 2022: origin, meaning and traditions of Spain | Music

Celebrating this 22nd November International Music Daycoinciding with the feast Saint Ceciliapatron saint of musicians. Many people wonder if it’s a coincidence that the two commemorations are on the same day, and the answer is no. But you can go before you find out we celebrate this special day of musicians.

What is confusing is that there are few dates we can commemorate this day. However, it’s a little easy: 21 June European Music Day, October 1st and 22 November International Music Day, in addition to this deadline Saint Cecilia’s Day.

What does Santa Cecilia’s story say?

Santa Cecilia has quite a history confused and unknownbut in the middle of the 5th century some texts appeared called the Acts of the martyrdom of Santa Cecilia, in which a large number of data appeared.

This Saint’s life takes place in the 3rd century, he was a Roman nobility.caecilians”. His mother was orphaned when he was little, so Bishop Urbano took charge of his education and took him to school. adopt the christian religion. But her life changed when she married Valeriano, who wanted to convert from paganism to Christianity and was beheaded. The same thing happened to Cecilia when she announced that she would never renounce her Christian religion. On November 22, 230, the mayor of Rome, Almaquio, ordered that he be beheaded.

Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians

When he died, a major Catholic sacred music renewal movement of the late 19th century was named Cecilianism in his honor. never mind patron saint of music is due to several factors. Firstly translation of different articles Santa Cecilia has been said to sing hymns to God.

Second, many painters and sculptors began to represent him as an artist, playing an instrument or singing. When the Academy of Music was founded in Rome, Gregory XIII became its patron. For this reason, since Normandy organized a tournament for the composers of the period in 1570, this date spread to countries such as Germany, Spain and France.

Why is Music Day or Musicians Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated because United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established this day in honor of Santa Cecilia. This is a format respect all musiciansmusic lovers and all people who enjoy music in general.

Lots of places come together to plan concerts and events for participants to have new experiences with different styles and genres of music. Although in many countries of the world this International Music Day is celebrated on 1 October or 21 June as European Music Day.

Music Day in November VS in June

Although confusing for many, there are a few days when this day is celebrated. With the arrival of summer on June 21… European Music Day promoting cultural exchange through music. American musician Joel Cohen created this day, not Santa Cecilia, as it was in November.

The purpose of the celebration in June, for the public to have fun and listen to music without discriminating between genres and genres.. It is a fact that opens the door to new trends like urban, rap or techno that forcibly entered the international scene after years.

To celebrate, as every year there will be various events dedicated to musicians and all types. For example, the Pablo Sorozábal Conservatory in Puertollano celebrates Saint Cecilia’s Day with two concerts. The most important thing to celebrate is being one with the music.either playing an instrument or attending an event dedicated to it.

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