On Instagram, Yahaira Plasencia CHOOSE the show Bad Bunny, but attended Jesús Adrián Romero's CHRISTIAN MUSIC show: "With her mother", photo

On Instagram, Yahaira Plasencia CHOOSE the show Bad Bunny, but attended Jesús Adrián Romero’s CHRISTIAN MUSIC show: “With her mother”, photo

It was an unforgettable moment. Concert of Puerto Rican singer bad rabbit In our country, he paralyzed the Peruvian show business with his two presentations at the National Stadium, where various well-known names attended. Now everything seems to indicate that Yahaira Plasencia He did not participate in the massive performances, but took part in one of the Christian music.

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As it is known, various characters of the Peruvian TV series came together to listen to the celebrities.bad rabbit‘, on his behalf, ‘And I told him no’ translator he would have made a better decision to spend his money on something. concert of famous singer Jesús Adrián Romeroas evidenced by a user.

A photo of the debate can be viewed on the Instarándula portal. Yahaira Plasencia in the presentation of Christian music accompanied by his mother Victory QuintanillaBoth were extremely happy during the show. He also surprised the gravy boat by appearing quite capped, apparently for not being recognized.

“La Yaha with Jesús Adrián Romero’s mother concert,” wrote a netizen, who posted the photo to the journalist’s entertainment portal’s Instagram. samuel suarez

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Yahaira Plasencia makes a decision and admits that she will freeze her eggs.

It’s clear! popular sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia Although he has shown that he prefers to keep his private life under lockdown in recent months, this time he decided to tell about the big decision he made for his future. The Peruvian artist appeared in front of television cameras. She announced that she would freeze her eggs to become a mother in the future.

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