Argentine Customs, a festival that "keeps alive and glorifying tradition" - El Día de Gualeguaychú

Argentine Customs, a festival that “keeps alive and glorifying tradition” – El Día de Gualeguaychú

After the traditional lighting of a huge bonfire and the presentation of artistic figures on Sunday, the opening ceremony was held with the raising of the National Pavilion, the singing of the stanzas of the Argentine National Anthem, and the March to Entre Ríos.

The market was the highlight of the festival, with a parade and presentation at the equestrian area by a group from Villa Paranacito as well as many traditionalist groups from the city and the region.

A banner with the name of the group on each, riders with flags of Argentina and Entre Ríos. Men and women, boys, parents proudly paraded the little ones in civilian clothes on horseback, and then lined up in the area in front of the main stage. It is to emphasize the presence of young people like Hugo Sosa who proudly wear civilian clothes, berets, hats, combs, field briefs, boots, espadrilles and scarves, remembering the existence of long-standing people in the world of tradition and the homeland being made on horseback.

The Jineteada area had a very good public framework, with a high percentage of families, predominantly villagers who came with their posts, stirrups, bridles and other elements for riding.

Later, the groups presented a gift to the mayor, Mauricio Davico, for his lasting support for the tradition. A beautiful painting was also presented to Carlos Arias, two-time champion of Jesús María, and journalist Majo Carro for keeping the fire of tradition alive.

Then came the jockey races that lasted most of the day.

Carlos Arias (52 years old), the two-time champion of Jesús María, qualified to represent Entre Ríos at the Festival in Villaguay, Mayor de Jineteada said, “A few weeks ago I was still qualified to represent the province with great pride and tremendousness. responsibility to be at Jesús María once again”. He said, “I’ll hold on a little and do it in the Clina category, which is the hardest to set yourself up well.” The reasons are not missing for the champion. Bareback, bareback, as they say in the countryside, is one of the bravest stops riders have ever had. Arias, “You have to go 8 seconds before the horse turns you around, in other categories a little more. While that 8 seconds may sound like little, for the top one it could be infinite depending on the horse you have”.

The famous equestrian consulted by the Costumbres Argentina party said: “This is a very good initiative that celebrates tradition and gives rise to an activity we love so much, like horseback riding.” He said, “Jineteadas noted that the tradition has many families. In groups, members of a family can be seen with even the smallest parade or on the arms of their parents. It’s a very beautiful, authentic, very Creole thing.”

To classify Córdoba, he said, “We have departments in our province and from there we normally go to Villaguay, which is the closest place to all riders, which is the center of the province.”

Regarding Jesús María’s traditional Dressage and Folklore festival, Arias said, “I have won the 2004 and 2005 championships, as well as being on the podium several times in the top five.” I am going to the big festival, which started on January 6, 2023 and will last until January 16, 2023, with the participation of riders from different parts of the country with great expectations.”

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