Black Friday begins in Sicab

Black Friday begins in Sicab

Horse enthusiasts and professionals know this very well. disease It is an excellent showcase internationally not only for selling the qualities of Spanish thoroughbreds, but also for acquiring everything necessary. reproduction and maintenance. Beyond that, Sicab is a social event where it is possible to attend shows, eat tapas and shop. Purchases that trade show exhibitors’ firms expect to do business every year and that exhibitors never want to miss because they find real opportunities there. This year inflation skyrocketed, it couldn’t be less, and the International Horse Show before black friday With thought-provoking offers, promotions and discounts.

Saddlery, boots, boots and leather shoes, accessories such as hats, bags, wallets, jewelery and bijouterie, clothing, decorations, antiques and even flamenco dresses, Sicab wide product catalog It focused on clothing for riding, field and rain, as well as other items for home decoration.

Nothing is missing in this large shopping gallery and there are many business people taking advantage of the room. stock available from warehouses to make Special promotions for Sicab or start the new collection.

Negotiations predicting Black Friday in Sicab

After entering the trade exhibitors area, Vale Cuatro is already accepting exhibitors. “special Sicab” prices: Two polo shirts for 50 euros, two shirts for 60 euros or fleece for 30 euros. “A slightly lower price than in-store,” admits a regular customer of the firm.

While circulating among the participants, the smell skin It is present at every step. stands Ubrique leather bags offer the best bargains: leather bags one for 3 Euros, two for 5 Euros; belts from 10 euros; Bags from brands like El Potro for 30 euros or top quality bags “before 40” for 15 euros.

At Sicab you can also find handmade leather boots, boots and shoes. up to 50% discount. But if there is one thing that stands out, it is the exhibitor of Álvaro Moreno. The density of people around signature items is always high. Here you can buy vests for 17.99, sweaters for 19.99, shirts and sweatshirts for 17.99.

for 20 years, picaro He participates in the International Horse Show. The company, which has a store on Córdoba Street, offers jewelry, belts, leather accessories and clothing items here “at the same price as in the store, but we have a clearance rack with clothes at 10 euros per garment,” he said. details, owner Vicente Salati.

El also offers 10% discounts on t-shirts, vests and skirts exclusive to the show, and Zapatos Loli showcases the sale of boots for 25 euros.

And when you least expect it, the bargain between bargains emerges: designer Fran Gámez from Écija sells 230 flamenco dress for 80 euros women’s and 36 girls’. “The rise in prices affected me as well as everyone else, so I chose to lower prices and make large productions so that I can sell more and get some benefit.”

There are also special offers, for example, for horse lovers. saddle Hats and caps with discounts of up to 350 euros or 30%.

British brand British Cotton It is presented as another great claim in Sicab. For 26 years, the company has been producing clothing and Sport Typical British (mostly made in England) with 10% discount. Jesús Rodríguez is his manager. Sicab is aware that it is an important support and everyone who buys from here knows that savings are important. So you can buy waxed capes for 110 euros, barbour-style parkas for 65 euros or children’s vests for 20 euros.

Besides the discounts that can be found, there are also those waiting for Sicab to offer their products. new collection. Such is the case of Hermanos Gómez saddlers. Saddles, bridles, car hangers, among other saddlery items on display in Seville for ten years. “With our presence here, we are covering the expenses, but it brings many benefits in the medium term because it is a good showcase for advertising and receiving orders,” Miguel Gómez details.

Also new offers MillHe expects Sicab to show off some of his new collection, such as some fantasy or saddled presentation titles.

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