Condolences to the family of Tulio Hafemann Rivas

Condolences to the family of Tulio Hafemann Rivas

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The Cautín Rodeo Association announces the sensitive death of our partner, friend and owner of the Huichahue Kennel Mr. Tulio Hafemann Rivas (RIP).

The Cautín Rodeo Association extends its deepest condolences to his family.

His funeral will be held at the Señora del Carmen Church of the Elders, Calle Holandesa 0902, Temuco, and his funeral will be announced immediately.

Tulio Hafemann’s path at the Huichahue Kennel

– Report compiled from the Associations section of the 2017 Chilean Stud Breeders’ Federation Yearbook.

Although Don Tulio Hafemann has been breeding Chilean horses for a little over 35 years, his passion for the noble animal dates back to his childhood when he went horseback riding in his father’s fields. That love was born there, thanks to what was done at the Huichahue Kennel that has him today as an outstanding breeder, collector of diverse and interesting breeds, and protagonist of exhibitions.

“From childhood we had horses, we had a field, we were indifferent, and then I started looking for studs. That’s how I started when I started running cows about 35 years ago, thanks to an enthusiastic friend. I, don Miguel Lamoliette, owner of the La Mañana stud farm, bought some mares from him. “I bought him La Buenamoza and other very good blooded mares, started practicing and decided to go to official rodeos,” he says. Don Tulio, who shares a friendship with the two-time Chilean rodeo champion.

Then her interest in parenting would come, taking a little detour. “I started with the Bramadero Tintero foal that bled from Rascucho and is among the best in Chile, so I bought it. And I started crossing it with the mares I bought. Then I gave birth to the Correntoso Querendón. It was Guaraní and I never bought females again except for the first ones, and I keep the daughters of the first mothers to breed them,” he recalls.

There’s also something from Santa Elba in Hafemann with a strange fact. “I was always buying colts, looking for choices I would like, eg Estribillo. I had a Santa Elba Rotito that I bought directly from Don Ramón Cardamil and he was Bellaco’s son and he left me. he himself came and bought me a Huichahue Rotito by chance. I bought more puppies than I bought, I went to shows and now that colt has many females. He also got very good results. on the bridle”, Explain.

“I’ve always tried to improve myself and make a good choice to mix the colts with the mares that are pretty good for me. In that sense, I’ve been lucky and have done pretty well, and the truth is it’s an honor to do one’s job well,” he adds enthusiastically.

Don Tulio says he has good eyes and this has won him many awards: “I like horses of medium size, with a lot of ornaments, with a beautiful head, that look good. I have brought many horses. I have given the products to Sofo de Temuco and have done well with many awards, of its kind.” best of all, reserved. I remember Cerveza, Roulette, Rotita, Rotito, Querendón and a few colts I had competing”.

“When you start this business, you can’t predict the rewards, but when you are rewarded, you are filled with happiness, moreover, I have a very high bar for my wife, three daughters, grandchildren and even granddaughter.” The two-year-old is already riding horses, so it looks like the inheritance is guaranteed,” he concludes.

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