FIL 2022. Five places you must visit in Guadalajara

FIL 2022. Five places you must visit in Guadalajara

The International Book Fair, which will take place at Expo Guadalajara from November 26 to December 4, is soon to begin.In the Verde Valle district, Av. Located at Mariano Otero #149.

FIL is an event aimed at the general public, so there is usually a large crowd of people from out of town to immerse themselves in the readings that can be found at the annual event.

For visitors to Guadalajara, having more places to walk should be considered.because when visiting the Expo, many people take advantage of wandering around the city to find very nice places.

Guadalajara’s Historic Center

One of the biggest tourist attractions of the city is undoubtedly the historical center, because the tourist can regularly take a walk in a candelary, learn about the history of the city and have the opportunity to take pictures and get acquainted with the monuments of the city. up close, Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara Cathedral, Degollado Theater etc. The tour offers a wide panorama of the capital city of Jalisco.


If you are into handicrafts, you should definitely take a walk in Tonalá, where you can find all kinds of handicrafts. Here you can find pieces of blown glass, pottery, wrought iron, and pottery in such detail that it is not in vain that they have made it a cornerstone for crafts in the state.

We also recommend visiting the center to learn more about Tonalá’s history and to admire the buildings that adorn its streets with great splendor.

spring forest

It is a Natural Protected Area with an area of ​​30,000 hectares and considered the lung of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Region.

La Primavera Forest is very rich as it has more than a thousand plant species and more than 350 fauna. Do not miss to know all the wonders nature has to offer in this beautiful place.

You can picnic, water activities, hiking, camping, mountain biking.


It is a city park that is known as one of the lungs of Guadalajara and is liked by the people of Guadalajara for walking with your family on weekends and doing activities such as hiking, horseback riding, visiting, visiting in the park. You can have a picnic on its paths in the forest, visit the Japanese garden, camp, get to know the castle and the House of Culture, which offers workshops and courses for adults and children.

Michin Guadalajara Aquarium

It is an educational, scientific and recreational institution whose main purpose is to promote the conservation of biodiversity.

It is possible to admire the magnificence of the planet through five pavilions dedicated to the indigenous cultures of Mexico, 300 species, more than 20 thousand organisms living in the aquarium, recreational activities, workshops, interaction with species and habitat representations.

Knowing the environmental, historical and cultural relationship that exists between water, species and humanity shows the wise worldview of the cultures found in the aquarium.

So take note, to come and have fun, FIL 2022 Guadalajara offers you more activities to do inside AMG for a more enjoyable visit and experience.


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