I got on a horse when I was 6 years old and didn't want to get off anymore. My dream is to keep going.

I got on a horse when I was 6 years old and didn’t want to get off anymore. My dream is to keep going.

Behind Al Bab, he forms a champion matchup with Laura Andrade. MARCOS MGUEZ

THIS YEAR HE MADE A BIG JUMP WITH AL BAB, but when he was only 6 years old, this Galician rider told his mother he wanted to ride a horse. Today he excels in national equestrianism and dreams of continuing to unleash his passion.

22 November 2022 . Updated at 05:00.

Theirs started out as a spark and the leap they took together was spectacular. HE Al Bab is a miura, a special, sensitive girl with a high capacity and lord of ponies. this helps him focus and increases his inner speed. He runs like the wind with the strength of forty thieves, and given his temperament, you’ll have to think twice to catch up with him. Bab is quite nervous, brave and tough and really likes to compete.He says he rose above those who knew him from above. He listens to the bell and the bell goes off like a rocket, citing Eva as an example,Laura Andrade’s mother (A Corua, May 11, 2011), 11-year-old Amazon this summer second place in the Spanish Cup with pony B, only a few tenths of first place. But this equestrian adventure begins a long time ago.

When I was 6 years old, I said to my mother ‘I want to ride’ one day. And he put me on some horses. We went to one, and a few months later we came to where I am, at Finca Abrigosa Laura begins to tell. I will never know why he rode a horse because the movies on the subject came later. He got on one first; Sherry vagabond then i saw him. I rode a horse and never got off. When you get on one for the first time, there are only two possibilities: either you don’t like it or you like it, you don’t want to go back, or you don’t want to leave, explains Laura. Sometimes you need to hear that what you are doing is not really a sport or that the horse is going alone. But he knows from experience that this is not the case, that owning a horse takes time (months) and all the time and care that must be devoted to training and racing.

Before long, his passion galloped away as fast as Al Bab. Laura competed in dressage for the first time at the age of 8, finishing second in Galicia in this modality in 2020. and got bronze medal next year. Next, he’s already focused on jumping. Between jumping and dressage, his hobby of galloping grows and matures: Jumping gives him the adrenaline and discipline, that is, the moderation he needs. And who doesn’t? Dressage calms me down and jumping feels more. I really like both, but I focus more on jumping, admits Coruesa, the horsewoman who already owns two ponies (for rent), very different but each special in her own way, Cachopo and Al Bab.

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