Music for life and death

Music for life and death

by Pablo Hernandez | Diego Mendoza

Between notes and compasses, guided by joy or nostalgia as the case may be, more than 3,216 Nayarits come to life in music, allowing them to live on an average income of 14,400 pesos per month; This business in Mexico.

This is revealed by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography’s National Occupation and Employment Survey, that by the second quarter of 2022 there are a total of 131,296 people declaring themselves musicians in the country today, November 22, international day to celebrate

Music has become one of the best life companions of Mexicans, more than 84 million citizens do it for pleasure and accompany us in the most important moments of the day, in victory and defeat, in love and heartbreak. even on our deathbed.

Music in our country stands out for its diversity, especially due to the regionalized German chords representing banda, norteño and sierreño, and the nostalgic romance offered by boleros and ballads, which contrast with the cheerfulness of salsa. tropical danzón; all these genres reveal the rhythm in which the national territory moves.

The creators of this variety, which has the ability to bring together dozens of instruments in harmony, find a common point that celebrates the same sound by merging with the world: the death of Santa Cecilia. According to Christian tradition, the supposed patron saint of musicians since 1594 was a Roman noblewoman who was martyred for her faith. Pope XII.

Saint Cecilia died on November 22, 230, but since 1695 Scottish musicians in Edinburgh have paid tribute to their patron saint, moving to countries with a great Catholic tradition, paving the way for an international commemoration.

In Mexico it is customary for musicians to make pilgrimages to the rhythm of their voices until they reach temples to commemorate their patron saint, who receives all manner of tunes 24 hours a day in exchange for a hope in the coming months. Despite averaging six thousand pesos a month nationwide, he will continue to bless them with working hours that will help them survive.

There stands the chance of Nayarit musicians who, along with their Southern California counterparts, saw their incomes increase more than 100 percent in the second quarter of this year and position themselves as the best paid musicians in the country.

Although music is for everyone, those who dedicate their lives to this art in the country are mostly men with an average age of 39. But the biggest problem this union faces is the informality into which nine out of ten musicians are embedded.

There are very few bands, orchestras or bands that are consolidated as formal companies, so social security and benefits are a privilege enjoyed by only a tiny fraction of this population.

This may have to do with the fact that most of the musicians in Mexico have barely reached 12 years of education, which means reaching the maximum level of education in high school.

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