Raquel Hernández: A tireless warrior

Raquel Hernández: A tireless warrior

He has only been competing in the athletics world for nine years, but Rachel HernandezAt the age of 44, he has earned the respect of all athletes thanks to his charisma and leadership. “I started as a veteran,” says one of Guadalcázar’s, always connected to the world of sports.

“When I run the Guadalcázar cross in December, it will be nine years and that’s it. Club Trotasierra“, by Raquel Hernández day After winning the popular medley relay at Cross of Atapuerca last weekend. He also points out that he initially played Andalusian Championship cross country and from there he “chained” test after test. Of course, she notes, “she did some punctual jogging before because I’ve always loved the sport, although I’m not as dedicated as I am now.”

Raquel Hernández, who has her eyes set on the Córdoba Half Marathon, says she’s stuck with “all the experiences I’ve had and the camaraderie.” “Athletics gave me everything because the club is my family”points out the athlete from Guadalcázar, who announced that he was devoting himself “to the study and then to the club”. “It’s a lifestyle and my family,” she repeats.

In recent years, Raquel Hernández regular to be on top of the podium In Córdoba and state races and in championships with Trotasierra. Córdoba-Almodóvar del Río Half Marathon, Seville Night Marathon, Ladies Race some of his achievements in recent months.

With the mind of a winner, Raquel Hernández realizes that what she does every weekend is “having fun”. “My goals are weekly or nearsighted. “My biggest goal now is the race I’ll be doing in Itálica next weekend, and then the next, the Córdoba Half Marathon,” he says.

A clear goal: indoor track and National

Another athlete from Club Trotasierra says: “This year I want to focus a little more on the indoor track”. “Last year, to my surprise, I got a good grade at 1,500, which is what I do best, and I was very close to getting a point. go to the absolute Spanish Championship which will be a super awesome experience. And this year, I’ll try to see if I can craft something more specific and if I can enjoy the experience as well”, noting the upcoming challenges.

It is also clear when emphasizing that the goal is “of course, to improve myself”. “I try to improve myself in training. Improvement gives you continuity. I had a lot of pauses at the beginning because I was uncomfortable, I don’t know if the body was not finished and I stopped. And now I haven’t been taking a break for a while,” says Guadalcázar.

In jobs where she spends “standing up” Monday through Saturday, “I work hard during training but I can’t be too busy because then I have to go to work,” says Raquel. clean: “I train quality throughout the weekthe day I rest or have fewer working hours, When I’m not working on Sundays, the race is quality training.”.

known by the public GuadalcazarIt’s an “enormous pride” for the Club Trotasierra athlete, whose gym is named after Raquel Hernández. “I still don’t believe it. It makes me proud that your people know you, value you, dream about you,” she repeats.

Raquel Hernández, in recent years outside of athletics duathlon and also dares with it triathlon. “Before competing seriously, I horse world. “I always went horseback riding, I had a lot of fun and it was a double pleasure for me to see my father having fun.” “climbing and sliding as a kid”.

In this last part of the year, Raquel Cordoba Half Marathon because “it’s our city’s half marathon and we have to run”. “We introduce ourselves as teams for the club and I have to support the team to make it the best it can be,” he says. However, he admits that “long distance is not my specialty, I enjoy medium or long distance more, but shorter ones.” That yes, the emphasis is “someone from Almodóvar, I did this to someone from Córdoba for facial training and I felt great and won”.

For Raquel, one of the strengths of the Córdoba Half Marathon is “to be able to run through your city streets and be encouraged by family and friends and be able to share this activity with your colleagues”. One person from Guadalcázar emphasizes his intention for this great event, saying, “All people want to evolve and surpass themselves and see if we can make it.” Additionally, it points to: “If I was on the podium, it would be a gift. Deep down I don’t find myself very well, let’s see how we find ourselves”.

A test that Raquel considered “difficult”. “Although most people say it’s too tall, I see Almodóvar easier. But it’s flat and I see it better. Córdoba, the part with Carlos III, then Brillante, you walk the streets… it’s beautiful because it’s our average but it’s very It is not easy.” He also appreciates that “The closer you get, the more spectacular it is. Seeing the Roman Bridge and the Puerta del Puente gate is a sight to behold. The last kilometers are very fast. You are tired and it is admirable that your end has come quickly.”

Finally, there was Words of praise for Club Trotasierra: “This is a family. Humility and friendship and impressive things achieve.”

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