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Summary of the 11th premiere of ‘The Nightmare of El Paraíso’: Manuel and Danna, the nominees

The premiere of the new ‘The Nightmare in El Paraíso’ presented by Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera left us with the expulsion of Omar Sánchez and the most tense nominations to date. In addition, the main discussion topics of the week were discussed.

‘Nightmare in Paradise’ so far!

All for today. Don’t miss the ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ discussion on Telecinco on Sunday at 22:00.

Manuel Gonzalez and Danna Ponce On the last show of ‘The Nightmare in El Paraíso: The Debate’, they had an intimate dinner where they talked at length about their relationships that came and went. We saw it at a new gala unpublished pictures at that dinner They talked about what had passed between them under the covers..

Dani G and Israel Arroyo were thick and thin in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’. But something caused the friendship between the farmers to end. To everyone’s surprise, Israel wrote his partner’s name on the nomination board.

BeFunky collage

Iwan Molina I got what was requested foreman staffafter that she had to exercise all week and decided on some privileges like names for example immune boosters and share the room with Daniela and all this is discussed.

The foreman's podcast 10 |  Ivan:

Patricia Fernandez Sanz

after what Steisy would be thrown out competitor Last Wednesday, this week, he has already gone to the set to comment on all the news from his colleagues at the ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ mansion.

Patricia Steisy and Bea's mom have a big argument on set

Iwan Molina questioned as foreman

Iwan was the foreman of the week. But for some, “the power has come upon them.”

Iwan Molina


Manuel and Danna are the new candidates.

Manuel and Danna

Manuel and

Nominations begin…

The tension experienced in the farm is also felt in the environment.

Daniela doesn’t feel wanted by Iwan

Daniela and Iwan have a conflict that confuses them to the point of thinking that the competitor is perhaps more interested in strategy than he is.

Daniela and Iwan

Daniela and

Israel is angry with Daniela

Daniela wished Iwán Molina luck and Israel felt bad for being her enemy on the farm.

Daniela and Iwan Molina

Daniela and Iwan

bea retinal He starred in a tense confrontation with Danna Ponce. According to the former ‘Big Brother’ contestant, his partner Dani looked up to G and flirted with him. “Neither short nor lazy,” Bea told the influencer, and was enraged.

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Omar Sanchez and Dani G. They faced exile. One of them was going to leave ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ forever. The audience, who received 58 percent of the vote, decided on it. expelled Ömer.. Thus, Dani was saved for the third time in a row.

Omar Sánchez is new kicked out of 'Nightmare in El Paraíso' and remembers Marina Ruiz

Bea also argued with Iwan…

Bea seems to have had a very busy week. He also got into an argument with Iwán and the contestants started complaining about his constant yelling.

Iwan Molina


What happened under the sheets between Danna and Manuel?

Danna and Manuel agree on what happened between them… but this version won’t be funny for Danna’s boyfriend.

Danna and Manuel

Danna and

Omar Sánchez has been featured in ‘The Nightmare of El Paraíso’ as he has been away from family and friends for three months. But on the set, Nagore Robles criticized the “ballast” personality in front of the contestant’s girlfriend, Marina Ruiz. Marina defended him, but the discussion ended like this: An argument between Nagore and Beatriz Trapote.

Beatriz Trapote

Omar Sánchez becomes new expelled person

The audience has decided Omar Sánchez’s newly issued 58% of the votes From ‘Nightmare in Paradise’.

omar sanchez


Bea gets angry: thinks Danna likes Dani G

At the ranch, the World Cup was messed up when Bea told Danna that she thought Dani G had a crush on her. Her partner reassured her that she didn’t see it, and Dani said she didn’t notice anything on her part. Bea felt bad that her boyfriend didn’t support her.

Dani G's controversy

Dani G’s

Manuel beats fear of animals but not much

Manuel came to ‘The Nightmare of El Paraíso’, afraid of all animals. He is now able to take care of them and even pretended to be riding a horse… although he ran away right away.

Manual tries to ride a horse

Manual tries to ride a

Bea hurt with Dani after confessing to having sex with transgender people

In a chat at the farm, Dani admitted to having sex with transgender people. Bea finally got angry because she had denied it in the past.


Sausage victim Omar Sánchez

Omar Sánchez was not included in the group that won the chorizo ​​test and disbanded. The competitor’s world was shattered after he admitted to being “too competitive”.

Omar is destroyed

Omar is

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