Sandra Jiménez breaks paradigms as an indigenous Mayan horseman in Mexico

Sandra Jiménez breaks paradigms as an indigenous Mayan horseman in Mexico

Mitzi Fuentes | Chanal (Mexico) – November 10, 2022

Sandra Jiménez López, 13 years old, debuts as the first indigenous Maya female rider It breaks the paradigm of use and tradition of indigenous peoples in the municipality of Chanal in southeastern Mexico.

Young rider participated in national holidays at one of the community’s iconic horse races In the state of Chiapas, where usually only men participate after daring to compete.

He even signed up for the organizing committee with his father’s permission and he also registered the white horse “Gringo”.

His presence on the rink caused spectators to fill the streets. There was silence for a moment and then cries of joy knowing that you have reached the first place, An unexpected victory that went viral on social media.

Native Tzeltal Maya told Efe: From a very young age, his father taught him to ride a horse.Therefore, as he accompanied and helped with his family in tending the milpa and cutting wood, he took every moment to get rid of his fear.

“I am not afraid, I am not sad, I feel good (very good), I am happy. That’s why I rode, I really love my horse, my horse is my favourite”, the champion commented a little shyly.

Sandra Jiménez breaks paradigms

Sandra Jimenez three men competed with jockeys That they did not reach him on the 300-meter improvised track.

“The two times he ran, won both timesReferred to Moisés Lopez Gómez, who lives in Chanal and still remembers the fast race.

Surprised by Jiménez’s participation, Moisés recounted his experience years ago and The emotion that causes a woman to win a horse race.

“They do a horse race every year, but only men participate, For the first time a girl ran. “We find it surprising, we are very happy that there is a girl here who can fight to ride, which makes us happy to know that girls can run.”

Jiménez managed to place himself first in the race and dreams of continuing to participate in future competitions.

He said he ran for pleasure without waiting for a reward. now he’s just focusing on finishing school middle school after high school.

Indigenous equestrian in southeastern Mexico

The municipality of Chanal is located in the central mountains of the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. It is completely indigenous and its mother tongue is Tzeltal.

It is one of 17 municipalities in the state where the authorities are located. warn about gender-based violence issues due to high marginalization and a state of historical poverty.

authorities for 10 years they tried to eliminate sexist violence to counter attacks on women.

The mayor of Chanal, Roberto Pérez Rodríguez, remembered this ten years ago. women had no community rightshis voice had no value and some unusual actions were not welcome.

Like this, Celebrated for Sandra’s horse race winThis means more openness for women in other activities besides studying and participating in politics.

“It is not easy to give up the habit, we talked to men, not only women, but women who were attacked, there is still much to be done,” said the mayor.

There is more than one in Mexico 23 million people who consider themselves indigenousby National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Cow).

But the indigenous peoples confronting the spread of violence and organized crime disputes, particularly in Chiapas, where armed conflict has driven tens of thousands of people from their homes.

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