What is it like to be a secular and Christian music producer?

What is it like to be a secular and Christian music producer?

What is it like to be a secular and Christian music producer?

D-One is a secular and Christian music producer trying to create feelings in people. He was nominated for Music Producer of the Year for Christian Projects and was nominated for a Grammy Award. a Merengue album of the year.

For D-One, music is “everything in my life and I can’t see myself doing anything but music, everything and the only thing I know how to do.” Photo by Jaime Perez

Daniel Alejandro Ospina has worked with great artists. It was Puerto Rican Will Coronas, vocalist of reggaeton Valentino, who christened him D-One. because he always uses this expression when he has to start a business.

in sauce Gabino Pampini worked with Víctor Manuelle and paid homage to Colombian salsa by Gold Record-winning producer Sony Music México. and Multiplatinum were also nominated for Grammy Awards with this project. At Reggaeton he produced projects with DJ Nelson, which included J. Álvarez, Joel and Randy, as well as Luis Fonsi. And on merengue he worked with Olga Tañón, for whom he was nominated for a Grammy Awards. Meringue album of the year.

The opportunity to work with all these great artists came when D-One entered the studio that was then owned by Marlon Kapry’s brother. It was later bought by Sony Music Mexico and managed to share it with all these musicians there.

All this in the secular part, well D-One also produces Christian music: “I started when I was 10 years old when they took me to a Christian church and I saw people playing there. Although I wanted to learn to play the piano, I started drumming, then I learned the piano empirically, then the bass”.

What is Christian music?

It is music created and performed as an expression of Christianity. This phrase encompasses a wide variety of musical styles that include words from the Bible or different types of prayer (admiration, gratitude, prayer) and the main motivation is the Christian faith.

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His dream was to become a singer and at the age of 14 Christian started rapping, after which the whole wave of reggaeton came and he joined this new genre. Again, He started producing at the age of 16: “Paying for a song was expensive back then, so because I didn’t have the resources, I had to be a producer to be able to produce my songs. and as I started to immerse myself in that world, I realized that I loved it more than being a singer.”

D-One is the son of idyllic parents and despite being “I am not committed to religion, but to the Christian lifestyle”, He makes Christian music with the aim of “having good content”. And since Christian music is already an industry, I’m thinking how do I get people to not say that Christian music is boring and can only be heard in church”.

Colombian Christian music singers

Christian music has gained a lot of strength in Latin America, and especially in Colombia, where there are many artists and groups expressing their faith through music. Here we tell you which are some of the most well-known Christian music artists:

  • Carlos Altafulla
  • david angel
  • Danny Berrios
  • Alex Campos
  • Gilberto Daza
  • Daniela Mejia

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Its motto is, “If you make a non-Christian secular song and you can’t get people moving, you’re wasting your time. Y If you write a Christian song and you don’t change someone’s mind or get the Holy Spirit to touch that person, then as a Christian you are wasting your time.”, therefore his idea is to achieve sensations in humans.

D-One strives to change lives with the music it produces. Photo: “Jaime Perez”

What he likes most about being a producer is “being able to give him my identity; I can express my ideas musically, I can cause feelings and sensations, it’s like interpreting an emotion And when people hear about it, they say it gives them that feeling and being a producer is both a challenge and a reward.”

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