Pablo's TV - Faro de Vigo

Pablo’s TV – Faro de Vigo

they were supposed to be About Pablo Iglesias. There is thousands of people currently listed in this country as: co-financers of the new television channel People who contributed because they thought a politician was a good idea, announced by the former general secretary of the purple formation customized communication tools that he will tell them what they want to hear and, to a lesser extent or with more prejudice, what others say. People who, like almost everyone, seem to have trouble showing respect from time to time, anonymous citizens calling for savings to fight the energy crisis despite inflation or the diminished chances of finding a well-paying job, a portion of their personal or family budgets. to finance a public representative’s television projectI’m not saying he is a reference, but a representative because although Iglesias is no longer in public office, he continues to represent a very important part of Spanish society. It’s definitely respectable. Everyone there with his money and on his right.

“The idea is to create your own channel because other media manipulate the information”

he says crowdfundingit is imposed Englishism, often used to deviate from what is colloquially known as the roundabout. a lifetime collectionIn an other saying, hand the lid, turn the brush, pass the plate, beg. Pablo Iglesias is capping to set up a TV and “transform media power”, compete with media rights and “defend the following”, for that allies with businessman Jaume Rouresalready supported by a podcast and cannot be more than the above, Mediapro partneralways “caste” according to the founding terminology of Podemos. It will be named Canal Red, in a word game that combines the English word red, red in Spanish with the communication network it will broadcast –it is deduced as a result. The aim was to cover the first phase of contributions of €100,000 initially, followed by the second phase of up to €325,000. The day after starting the campaignco-financiers contributed 195.000 €. While the political scientist’s claims do not appear to include a BBC-level television product, the idea is to set up a new channel as other media manipulate information. Some manipulations, you see, are better than others..

no doubt about it Pablo Iglesias is a man with telegeny talent.. He constructed his public projection from repeated appearances at La Sexta on horseback of the historic revolution called 15-M, in which his party surfed the wave, aware that he was filling an electoral void. The Left undoubtedly owes him success, but as has happened to other smug Spanish leaders (González, Aznar), he not only knows how to step aside, but also He can’t understand that neither he nor his ego can fit on the sets anymore. that they enlightened him and dared to question him after he left the first row. As his exaggeration for his commitment to total control grew, the speakers he eventually came to seemed smaller in comparison to his self-esteem.

“No one can doubt that Pablo Iglesias is a man with telegenic abilities”


First a radio talk show, then a podcast, now a TV, these last two places where the possibility of an answer is ignored, and the only truth is you. From “yes we can” to Vistalegre to Podemos and then simply to itself, because in this strategy they were on the way beginning errorCarolina bescansaLouis Cheerfulramon Thorn, monica garcia (today in Más Madrid), even Yolanda Diazthe last enthusiasm of the oral tarascadas. All those who disagreed are gonewhen in controversy and inconsistency it forms the basis of the principles of the formation or its allies.

churches he chose his way Angrily question anyone who dares to criticize himwhether it is the media right or the media left, to himself or to the theses he defends within Podemos, thus The only possible truth is that of Iglesias. youtubera 1984 self-designed with bigger and bigger ego and smaller channel, a twilight political cycle born in Vistalegre, and in between predicts the end of the other Orwell novel in which Pablo played the cards years ago and is now Iglesias and Pablo We look at , then Iglesias, then Iglesias, and again Pablo, so that it is no longer possible to know who is who.

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