25 Amazon games for the day of the nation

25 Amazon Stores for Nía del Niño

Ya viene el Día del Niño y, déjame adivinar, no tienes idea de regalarle a los pequeños del hogar. Tranquil, tranquilo, which can be solved by Amazon. Merca2.0 has added up to 25 increments of options that, of course, these can be downloaded (and probably not).

Mattel Bellows: The Child of Star Wars

An adorable hair that emulates the character most prepared from the Disney + series The Mandalorian. Ideal for boys and girls from the 3 year olds who follow the Star Wars franchise.

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LEGO Creator construction kit: Marine fund creations

A LEGO Kit to demonstrate the creative and constructive ability of their children. Además, the tree of the ability to design distinct marine animals, is allowed to take its place in the game.

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Hot Wheels: Mario Kart, Car Circuit

Taking direct inspiration from video games, this line of search circuits replicates the emotion of the most famous fountain saga, but with the interaction between the figures in the collection. Hot Wheels has made a great move with Mario Kart.

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ANNTHOR Acrobatic Car with Remote Control

An acrobatic car with remote control and traction in 4 wheels, double car, 360 ° rotation, with USB battery charger included. The ANNTHOR brand toy car is specially recommended for children and children between 4 and 12 years old

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Jasonwell construction blocks

Jasnowell blocks that allow the creation of children and their children. With up to 168 pieces, it draws interest from people through creative engineering and construction. Ideal for ages between 4 and 10 years.

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Educational Insights Design & Drill SparkleBot

A game that promotes interest in engineering, construction and interest in construction. With light colors and a creative design, it is converted into a bastant regal opportune for the apoyo in the STEM appendix. Especially suitable for 3 year olds and adepts.

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Barbie Profession Surprise

Ot What other form of innovation is presenting a new Barbie collection with different experience? Threesome with up to 8 different professions, with the particularity that the concept is a surprise. Possibilities include a motor engine and skater, geologist, among others.

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Playmobil Volver al Futuro

Representing one of the most iconic sagas in Chinese history, Playmobil offers a jute that does not diversify into the smallest detail, but is composed of a collectible element of the franchise before the very beginning. .

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Marvel Hasbro Legends Series: Spiderman Collection Retro

A sparse, collectible, and accessible element that can be used by all fanatics and collectors, as well as all the fanatical nieces and nephews of the person who, being human, has a new air attached to the last part of the pelvis.

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Fisher-Price Imaginext: Bob Esponja Bikini Fondo

A set of the most hog pieces to include one of the most famous and caricatured characters, Bob Esponja. Deja que losñnos jueguen y creen sus propias historias de la mano de Bob y su irritable vecino Calamardo.

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Melissa & Doug Set of Veterinary Accessories

With this set of 24 pieces, the boys and girls can experience the sensation of being treated by mascots. Do your imaging well with the aid of these incremental veterinary accessories.

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Harry Potter Lego Set: Transfiguration class

One of the most important LEGO licenses is Harry Potter, which is one of the most diverse and magical lines. By the way, the 8-year-olds can play and play with their imagination, all the way through.

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Minibear brand digital camera for women

This room can be used to get people interested in art and photography. Now with selfie function, 2.4 full screen, 30 MP, and además have a 32 GB TF card. One of the best regals that, además, can be used for the most small, as well as for the most large.

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Niskite branded microphone

With the bluetooth function, it is a rule that, if you want to get a reasonably priced razonable, you can taste the most small ones, as well as the most large ones. By the way, this is the ideal way to taste the taste of the music.

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Learning Resources Liquid Reactor Laboratory

A jumbo jumbo for the most small ones with the objective of being of interest to science. A large and well-pruned grain can be used to make more than one piece.

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Collectible figure of Raphael de Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

One of the most recognizable and ready-made characters from Ninja Tortugas can be found as a character available on Amazon, and it offers a lot of elegance, even for the little ones as well as for the collectors.

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Monopoly junior: Peppa Pig edition

Peppa Pig wants to be one of the favorite characters of her nieces and nephews, even if she joins in a day or two. Do not lose the opportunity to be drawn to the classic meso game by antonomasia.

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Princesa Petals Estrella Cantante de My Little Pony

The Pegasus pop star Zephyr Heights is a 15 cm figure. It is a song that counts with a Cutie Mark of musical note. The ideal jute to introduce the pieces and the pieces to the world of music and the song draws from one of the most caricatures of all types.

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Little Tikes electric guitar

A guitar that plays the strings turned into a rock superstar. Count with four game modes, volume control and more.

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Mega Blocks: Marshall Paw Patrol Bomber Truck

One of the safest jigsaw puzzles you can add to any of your favorite Paw Patrol programs is converted to one of your favorite programs of this generation. A set of pieces, ideal for constructors pieces.

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Yostyle Dinosaur Carousel Track

One of the options that allows you to use your imagination to create different combinations on the tracks; sin menzionar que aprenderán sobre dinosaurios. The jute count with 144 pieces and is ideally for 3 years or more.

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Jingwei construction castle

With 400 pieces and a fairly considerable precision for your desk, the south has already developed capabilities in STEM materials. Count with accessory points for the diversity of our term.

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Jupiter and Countries of Forzen 2 by Luppa

An unbelievable game for the little Disney fans and Frozen 2. Count with a large selection of non-articulated characters.

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Musical release by BIGFUN

If your intentions are that your shadows and shadows take off a musical ability in the age of the drum, this is the ideal. A little bit that lets go of any musical and lingering music in an amiable way.

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Science Can: Solar system for people

A model astronomy solar system kit that can be converted into large investigators and scientists. Coin with a planetary projector with 8 planets to control the compression of STEM materials for each of them between 3 and 5 years.

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