25 people who do not like Cruz Azul’s post

Dijo alguna vez Don Santiago Bernabéu that antimadridism is the exact price that should be paid Real Madrid por ser el mejor equipo del mundo. The expressive words and captions of the merengue frame can be applied to the spectrum Cruz Azulwhich many see in every single semester in Mexican football.

From periodicals, directives, jugadores and exjugadores, there are people around the cement world who now have the chance to win the affair. Intentionally or sinfully, these people are enclosed in a curious list of all the Cruz Azul fanatics from the French with the following answer:

25. Igor Lichnovsky

Drop in the club in the form of a turn and do not play a single weight in the arches of the team that you want to conquer the world.

24. Jaime Ordiales

Current and responsive principal director of the play by Juan Reynoso. The affair on the perdona varies its decisions -e intromision.

23. Ricardo Peláez

Other direction from La Máquina. When standing on the team’s mandate, it is always different that it does not read.

22. Javier Aquino

Players of Tigers UANL who have a pass by Cruz Azul. Your counter-sounding statements and tones against La Machina are the main detonator of the animation that generates.

21. Miguel Herrera

In the aftermath of the controversy, the ‘Piojo’ has just been directed to Cruz Azul in a few terms. The embargo is on the ‘Bestia Negra’ of the Celestes.

20. Alfredo Álvarez

The ‘Billy’ fungus of the vice-president of the club in an epoch in which the arches are vacated.

19. Roberto García Orozco

The responsive silversmith gives the terrible leprosy that suffixes César Villaluz and that makes the car of the celeste footballer.

18. José Cruzalta

Si Orozco fue el silbante de aquella tarde, Cruzalta el protagonista main. Cruz Azul vs. Villaluz en aquel Toluca apagó lauz of one of the most famous singers of La Máquina.

17. Moises Muñoz

Announce the goal of the victory of America in the final of Clausura 2013.

16. Paul Delgadillo

The main arbiter of this essay and those who are reconciled to perjury in La Machina.

15. Gustavo Mendoza

Declare that the southeast of Cruz Azul were the most populous against America. El ‘Chaco’ Giménez lo puso en su lugar.

14. Alejandro Fantino

We are not nationalists. The controversial Argentine periodical critic criticizes all Mexican football and says: “nadie los conoce”… including our machine.

13. David Faitelson

Why not add …

12. Alejandro Castro

Your own goal in a final was scored for example.

11. Francinilson Meirelles “Maranhao”

Nadie sabe cómo, dónde ni cuándo se fichó a este jugador. What about the extraneous part of history?

10. Víctor Velázquez

The actual directive has made controversial decisions that have not been tasted. Your video criticizing Robert Dante Siboldi publicly, and reaffirming Ordiales in the car in the detriment of varlvaro Dávila, condenan.

9. Guillermo Fernández

Travel from Cruz Azul to negotiate your flight to Argentina.

8. Bryan Angulo

The aficionado nunca quiso al ‘Cuco’. The terminator is the term markhando pen pen ni gloria.

7. varlvaro Morales

The polemical presenter does not escatima in lanzar ‘fuego’ hacia Cruz Azul.

6. Guillermo Ochoa

The next rival of Jes Cors Corona to the top of the Mexican selection. Your level has not reached this level because of Chuy’s greatest strengths in celestial body. Además, también has heard all the statements that hicieron rudo against La Máquina.

5. Raúl Orvañanos

They are very sympathetic, but confuse Juan Escobar with Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug dealer.

4. Marcio Rezende

Did not win in favor of La Máquina in the final of the Copa Libertadores 2001.

3. Francisco Chacón

¿Alguna vez impartió justicia in a party of Cruz Azul?

2. Comngel Comizzo

Cassi nos fractura a nuestro Carlos Hermosillo por una brutal patada.

1. Guillermo Álvarez

Present over the cement and responsive principal of the many chains that run through the door, while in the club as in the cooperative.

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