3 ideas erróneas y 5 cosas que sí podés hacer para alcanzarlos

Bienestar. A concept that suits every vein with the most force in consultants, items and probably in the mind of the planet’s habitats.

The pandemic that of a day before the other well in the sole no cotidianeidad sino también nuestra salud, wine confirming the manner knowledge that the bienestar mental and physical van de la mano, y which consist is an invalible capital that rinde fruits from vida.

Ó Cómo alcanzarlo? What questions do you have in mind? ¿Which to prioritize? Only solo algunos of the interrogators who surge, or the one who is more and more profound in the concomitant, tamed by cayendo muchos of the bribery que se le asocian.

Clarín conversation with María Roca, psychologist and director of the Neuroscience Course and Biochemistry of INECO U, the e-learning platform of the INECO Group, to comprehend which erroneous ideas we must dismantle, and what we can do to help the biennial and the child.

Juventud, dinero and genetics: 3 false ideas

-¿What are the main myths that we derive to derive respect for felicity and bienestar?

-The first marriage involves people not having sex or infidelity. As you go with the physical bienestar, there are many emotional bienestars that can be internally. If you take a course of stress management techniques, a mockery of mindfulnessor an emotional gesture.

It creates a lot of pain that physically is something that can be controlled, and emotionally no. In fact, it is important to note that science is “like that, which is associated with the cognitive, the emotional, the inward, the inward, and inwardly, preventing questions that may arise in the future.” There are many abilities that can be promoted physically and mentally.

“Deskanso is one of the most influential people in the bienestar field”, said María Roca, psychologist and INECO U.

-Where do you go with the water that escapes our control? One can look at such salutable hobbies and not be happy because they do not sell as much as any.

Obviously because there is no need for our control and no need to affect our bienestar, although most of the questions are effective one, but can and will be encrypted; it is not a nurse who affects a person who wields physical exertion, who behaves appropriately, who does not fumaba, who manejaba bien el estres; that a person who does not only want to be loved.

When it comes to emotional well-being, the pandemic does not seem to affect the levels of anxiety and depression in people who quiz only have adequate emotional gesture.

The theme is resilience, which is defined as the ability of the person to face a declining, traumatic, differential, and extremely difficult situation, to find a problem in a certain amount, and this is a common point: attract a situation and approach it, it correlates with the levels of bienestar, both physical and emotional.

Having a solid vincular balance is one of the most important factors for the engine.  Photo Shutterstock

Having a solid vincular balance is one of the most important factors for the engine. Photo Shutterstock

-Train these questions with a person who is optimistic about being more sensitive than a pessimist. El Is optimism a capability that can be achieved?

-Have a genetic predisposition to a process or other process. Definitely have variable variables, internals, variables that have the tendency to be optimistic and result in much more easily all of this work and even quizzes naturally occurring, although they have not been able to form in optimism.

Ó Cómo? There is no solemn assembly with a conscious mind, be it to see the positive energy of your concrete media outlets concretely, as if one were going to the gym: rehearsing, rehearsing, having a hobby, the brain following .

Conducting cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, such as seeking to treat the general patient, should not be applied to the living room, in order to have more abilities and behaviors that are associated with the patient.

-El primer mito a derribar es entonces que la felicidad es algo con lo que se nace. Á Cuál es el segundo?

-The second myth that gustaría derribar is the following: that juventud trae felicidad. This idea of ​​”juventud, divino tesoro” is circulating, because the relation between the bienestar and the edad is very complex, and depends on different factors.

The ones that are most studied are the socio-economic factors, and it is felt that the sample in the 2015 Gallup World Cup is the one in which the most basic ones are satisfied, the relationship between the two U-shaped, es decir, hay mayores niveles de bienestar al inicio de la vida y al final.

In the middle (in the median age, between 45 and 55), are the peas.

It is assumed that this is an association and that in this stage the persons are only sent as much as they need to work as if by ten persons in the cargo, which generates stress. Ahora, esa U no parse darse en países donde el acceso a la salud y el socioeconomic level es minor, ahí aparece que a medida que avanza la vida los niveles de malestar crecen o bien disminuye el bienestar.

-Where can you associate the economic level with the beneficiary?

-No, this is exactly what the third bribe is about. They do not have all the basic cubes actually having minor levels of bienestar. Now, one that is essentially free, even though it’s a lot of money, it’s demonstrated that this level has been leveled, its levels being good or bad.

The descent and the herramientes of the stress chain, a capital to attach.  Photo Shutterstock.

The descent and the herramientes of the stress chain, a capital to attach. Photo Shutterstock.

Medidas effective for the bienestar

-¿Which media can you contribute to increase or decrease?

-The quality of physical health in all its levels: physical exercise, healthy nutrition, and Swedish health. Of course, the descent is one of those races that has the greatest impact on our emotional well-being, or where our careers are fundamental to being healthy.

However, the effect that physical exercise has on the health of the mind is subdued, but we must say that physical exercise does not go unnoticed, but it is not clear that we have to admit stress, as it disseminates of anemic symptoms, which generate a protection at the cerebral level.

-What are the mechanisms by which the exercise works to get to the mind?

-Couple a physical exercise, release in the body determined substances, but for example at a cognitive level, release a substance that emits BDNF, which is a neurotrophic factor derived from the brain, a degree of rapidly degrading, fertilizing neuronal .

It has to do with the cognitive function, the attenuation, the concentration, the intellectual, that the generator is a cascade of biological events that protect the brain.

Physical exercise affects the vascular system, and as oxygen leaves the neurons in the vascular system, exercise is carried out and the cholesterol is treated, and we need to have a balanced healthy environment.

-Do you know where the physical sound comes from, what other questions can you ask about it?

-Luego are the cognitive variables, which have to do with optimism, that is, to train the positive energy of the cosmos and to train in it.

A 5 dimensional personality theory, but one of the most influential: extroversion, mood, and neuroticism, which has a negative effect on the patient.

Psychological analysis that only underestimates the impact of exercise on mental health.  Photo Shutterstock.

Psychological analysis that only underestimates the impact of exercise on mental health. Photo Shutterstock.

Implicit extroversion is sensitive to reciprocity, and neuroticism is sensitive to casting, intensifying the objective to evaluate the reciprocity, and not to foster casting.

Gravity is another kind of: simple exercises like you think things that fall into place and because you are increasingly paying a lot of money, there is a study that shows that you have a diary of gratitude at the highest levels.

También practicar mindfulnessmeditation, disconnection of technology.

For the most part, one of the variables that most impacts is the vincular dimension, counting on a red line, tener significant relationships, quality, with working people, friends, family. However, in the course of the codidian, we do not have time for this, but it is one of the variables that most impact on the bienestar.


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