3 requirements that Pediatrics help Sanidad to recognize ACE

Luis Blesa, President of the AEP, and Mar dela del Mar Rodríguez, Vice President of the Atención Hospitals of the AEP.

La Spanish Pediatric Association (AEP) has about the three main requirements for el Ministry of Sanidad Recognize the Specific Capacity Areas (ACE) that the advertising organization has. Explanatory note Luis Blesa, president of AEP, these conditions are as follows: first, define and maintain Pediatrics as an independent troncal specialty; second, officially recognized and accredited, with a title, las pediatric subspecialties o ACE; y, by last, review and homogenize the formatting program of los MIR of the Pediatrics specialty y sus ACE. Respecting this is ultimately, explicitly stated by the president, a “necessity” that goes hand in hand with the general transversal pediatrics and the subspecialty dose.

It is also manifested in the presentation of the White Paper by ACES Pediatricians 2021 for the creation and unveiling of a total of 19 ACE in Pediatrics. Ante la esperada approbaci deln del Real Decree of Specialties by all the knowledgeable societies, “AEP has publicly stated that it is a document to provide real-time data and to share information and information needed to reflect how it is actual reality of ACE pediatricians“, said Blesa. Además, the president of the AEP has stated that” at the moment the situation of these formations is disparate and heterogeneous in the different territories of Spain and, but it is agreed, that it is elaborate work collaboratively to anticipate and respond to all that Pediatrics does “.

A situation like “hay que resolver desde hace bastante timpo”, según ha señalado Mar dela del Mar Rodríguez, First Vice President of the AEP Hospital Hospitals. In this sense, the expert recalled that “pediatricians call themselves specialists Pediatrics and Special Needs pero is not regulated where reas are formatted, a arrangement that conforms to a European level as well as an international level, pero do not distingue in Spain“For all that, Rodriguez was alerted to the” lack of creation of accreditation and accreditation criteria “.

Although not produced at home by some sanitary authorities, Rodríguez has stated that it will be released negative effects. Por un lado, “for the patient, because there are no guarantees that the adolescent and adolescent population will be targeted by the most pediatric specialists. Y, por otro lado, for the professionalbecause these have specialized mobility differences but are not ACE based reconnaissance “.

María del Mar Rodríguez: “The next step is to support a reunion with the new Director General of the Professional Practice of Sanidad, Celia Gómez”

See Professor Rodríguez, “the first letter is here, all ACE pediatric pediatric information in this book. It follows that a reunion with the new Director General of the Professional Practice of Sanidad will take place, Celia Gómez“.Mantener esa reunion con Gómez” live book“is the current situation, and between the two of them the world has changed”.

Las 19 ACE que Pediatrics pied in Sanidad

The experts recalled that “their recognition is impressive 19 ACE que Pediatrics pide, de modo que no prevalezca ninguna ante otra “, según Rodríguez. Ante la” komplejidad del tema “, tal y com ha apuntado Blesa, implanting poco a poco and that you do not recognize them all in unison. Pero, a pesar de ello, “all and every one of them are the equals of importance and necessities”. It is sentient, las 19 ACE pediatricians which has been rated as follows:

  • Primary / Extrahospitular Athenia

  • Cardiology

  • Intensive Cuidados

  • Palliative Care

  • Endocrinology

  • Errors of Metabolism

  • Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  • Infectology

  • Clinical Immunology and Allergology

  • Adolescent medicine

  • Nephrology

  • Neonatology

  • Neumology

  • Neurology

  • Oncohematology

  • Pediatrics Internal Hospitals

  • Social Pediatrics

  • Rheumatology

  • Urgencies

This information contains your book ACE pediatricians se recogen four essential points for the specialty: first, the denomination of each ACE; secondly, the fundamentals and auxiliaries that justify their creation and their differential elements of each ACE; third, it proves that the formatting programs of the specialty and, of course, the analysis of the current situation are inclusive.

As a last resort, Rodríguez remarried that “recogen los centers where real pediatric activity is realized and the professional specialists who are downloading the functions within the ACE “. A point that, according to the expert,” is vital importation for the Ministry of Sanidad dada su información “, he concluded.

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