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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

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Durante la tecera semana del juicio por difamación uniciado por Johnny Depp against their appearance Amber Heardse dieron a conocer nuevos case details.

The legal battle turned into a lathe demand for 50 million dollars as Depp presented against Heard by an article being described for The Washington Post diary in which the present abusive domestic substance suffers from man’s. Heard, for your part, present one contrademanda of 100 million dollars against your exmarido.

Verbal and physical violence associations are often launched and neglected by both parties.

Juicio se llevando a cape en Virginia, Estados Unidos.

Summarize the details and most recent revelations of the case.

1 – ACLU recreates only a fraction of the diner that Prometheus Heard

Leading the way with a divorce notice in 2017, Heard compromises his interest by donating a total of US $ 7 million to beneficiary organizations: one destination at Los Angeles Nation Hospital and another within the United States for Civil Liberties (ACLU, for their English words).

Amber Heard

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In the adjacent semenas it is expected that Heard will be on the stage.

During the month, ACLU executive Terence Dougherty tested his organization recibido solo US $1.3 million de Heardincluding US $ 500,000 from a fund raised by new Twitter proprietor Elon Musk, with whom Heard’s already finding a relationship.

Según Dougherty, ACLU will enter in 2019 as Heard only financial problems and can not be purchased with the rest of your prom.

This is a significant problem for Heard’s case, including Cooper Lawrenence periodical and screenwriter, who writes extensively about the world of celebrities.

“Every case is actually treated by credibility of Amber Heard“Lawrence explicitly.” How did Heard come to think of it as easily verifiable, debating the question: ob about which one is the most important? “

Dougherty has been tested directly on The Washington Post 2018 article in the center of the case, and the ACLU advocates want to edit and examine the article, which was published at the moment. approve the publicity by Aquaman, the DC Universe movie starring Heard.

Aquaman is coming out on December 21, 2018, three days after the publication of the opinion article.

“From ACLU ‘s perspective, Amber is at a point where she can recreate an increasing number of people and be in that public,” Dougherty said. “Intonces, which at the moment are now for the public to be an article of opinion, to generate a significant number of lecturers on our topics.”

2 – Heard shows signs of personality traits, said by Depp

On Tuesday, forensic psychologist Shannon Curry told the jury that Amber Heard had received the diagnosis: limit of personality trait and historical trajectory of personality.

Amber Heard

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Depp’s team psychologist says that Heard suffers from personality trauma.

Curry, who was contracted by Depp’s team to conduct a psychological evaluation of his statement, said he agreed with his conclusions after 12 hours with Heard in December 2021, in order to carry out mental health and review medical registers.

The limit of personality (known as such borderline) is an instability file, explicitly Curry, branded by “mucha ira, crueldad hacia las persona minos poderosas y la bésqueda de atención “.

The behaviors are “impulsive due to a medium subject to abandonment”, dijo. “Harán deliberately desperate to avoid evso suceda”.

The evidence presented on the court included various audio clips that were heard by Heard Rogándole at Depp but not there.

Curry is also aware that the limitations of pared personality are “predictable” for the months that occur against violence against couples.

Measures that the historical trajectory of personality, said Curry, is related to “drama and superficiality” and the lack of a center of attraction.

When he was attacked by Heard’s abductors, Curry was under pressure to impartiality, and it was surprising that he somehow invaded and ran into Depp’s house before the contract. Curry responds that it does not necessarily complement any part of the interview process.

Of course, Curry’s testimony has always been criticized by many defenders of the cause of domestic abuse who see that diagnostic tricks can be used to relate aggression.

“I do not absolutely agree that this is suggestive, or that it is predictable,” said psychologist Jessica Taylor in a statement. “For miles like Amber … the orders that are sometimes given to psychiatric evaluations that, in the majority of cases, the diagnostic with a personality tractor to accredit the testimony.”

3 – Depp ‘splits the conjugation’ on the beach

Depp’s drug and alcohol consumption is still a central theme of the present moment.

Johnny Depp

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It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Heard after detoxifying Roxicodona opioids in 2014.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Heard after detoxifying Roxicodona opioids in 2014.

Through Heard’s team he described a different Depp, claiming to be drunkards and consuming drugs and weighing Heard’s sneakers before they were thought to have been shot.

The henchman, Heard’s abbot Elaine Bredehoft, denounces the ultimate affirmation and the administration of Depp’s private island in the Bahamas as a record that the actor “was amazed at the arena”.

“Recuerdo se se desmayó en la playa”, replied Tara Roberts.

Bredehoft’s insistence and Roberts record that Depp’s shadow is a strange sight. Roberts responds that sí.

4 – Heard “paso el rato” with Elon Musk

Depp’s exaggerated subcontracting the miracles and directing the strings that Heard’s accusations against the actor create a “traumatic impact” in his image, which has cost the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise lucrative.

Christian Carino, a talented agent of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA, for example, in English), told the jury that he wanted to make conversations with other executives such as Disney, the distributor of the films, not following employing Depp.

The nuns’ abusive denunciations are being discussed discreetly, says Carino, as he “conquered” the industry.

Elon Musk

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Heard mantuvo una breve relation with Elon Musk y la pareja se separó en 2017.

This testimony can provide crucial results for Depp’s case, which is a testament to the fact that Heard’s 2018 opinion item was irrevocably dropped on the car.

Quizás fueran menos pertinente, pero fueron igualmente llamativos los komentarios de Carino sobre la breve éltion de Heard con Elon Musk.

Concerned about Heard Con Musk’s rupture in 2017, Carino reportedly labeled Aquaman’s star because it was established by the separation as not establishing “enamorada él para empezar”.

“I was only a few minutes away from establishing the rat,” Heard wrote.

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