7 forms of gastronomic menus in food at inflation rates (and even at the same time)

  • Felipe Llambías (@felipellambias)
  • BBC News Mundo

A woman wants to buy in the supermarket.

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Comer se volvió cada vez m cars caro.

A Latin American promedade family comes in handy between 25% and 40% of their mensual presupposition, accompanied by official figures of each country. Most sectors destined to offer a high percentage.

Latin America is the region that most often bears the form of salutation on the planet south of Africa, as part of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO, for example).

For podcer hacerlo, each person needs US $ 4.25 diarios in 2019, Last available. Eso es three more months dand what the population podía pagar.

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