8 German movies on Netflix that you can watch at this time

The day of hoy te daremos a conocer 8 german movies which can be found on the deck of the platform Netflix y que sin duda alguna vas a querer ver hoy mismo terminando todos tus deberes.

It turns out that there are many German movies in the extension catalog of Netflix and the wave conocer algunas.

How to record, in themes of the series, Germany has launched great historical stories, such as Dark, Perfume, Biohackers and the series that is one of the supernatural points in the history of Sigmund Freud, which is 1899 in the cinema.

Interestingly: Netflix launches movie starring Yanet García

Without embargo, you should only try to cut it short, then you can unload the final one even though you have variations of time sent to the front of the pants, and yes there are Peliculas te pueden salvar.

As a matter of fact, most of the German productions, such as those on Netflix, are full of great mysteries, crime stories, high tensions and even disturbing elements that you do not want to miss.

In this form, the ball contains a movie of vampires and terrorists, the special thriller with Anna Kendrick, a movie of supernatural suspense with one of the actors of Darkness, and a teenage horror that has fantastic, embroidered houses y posesiones.

As a preamble, the German movies that debuted on Netflix are:


Cielo Rojo Sangre

When a group of terrorists seize a transatlantic flight, a female nurse must expose a monstrous secret to protect her shadow.



Roman, his brother Albert and his friends are excursions of nature.

The pronto group can be found in a deliberate descent by sobrevivir when given by each victim of a mysterious shooter.


The privilege

A teenager rico and his friends from a private elite school explore a field of conspiracy theorists investigating a series of subcontinental extracorporeal extras.


The black island

A pacific island is secretly guarded by ponenro in a pile and a huérfano, when it seems to be unmasked by the mysterious new professor.


The Strange House

Getting stuck in a small pile in Austria, dondo, deprived of a chance to see a house that has been abandoned, a teenage teenager who is connected to a case of asset, positions and mysteries to be decided by anyone of the inhabitants of the city, and who are destined to join their family.


History of a crime

One of the most important aspects of urban planning in the city of Mexico City.

The bakery search complicates interviewing the personal interests of those involved.

Basada in a real story.



A trip of three people on a Marte mission will be different and a decisive one when an accidental pon police policy is carried out all over the place.


The sequestration of Stella

Tracing against retaliation voluntarily, an attack and amortization treats the planes of their sequestrators.

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