90% of patients with Lupus have systemic dermatitis

This autoimmune condition requires a multidisciplinary attitude, adjusted follow-up and patient compromise.

El Dr. Carscar Soto, rheumatologist and president of the Fundamentals of Rheumatic Infections and Dr. Ricardo Gago, rheumatologist and past president of the Association of Rheumatologists of Puerto Rico. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

“90% of our patients have a diagnosis Lupus which is made by evaluating the mass of symptoms of arthralgia, including fatigma and cancer, which is almost certain that a patient with systemic impairment is suffering “, as well as assured in an exclusive interview with the Journal of Medicine and Salud Pública, el Dr. Ricardo Gago, President of the Association of Rheumatologists,

El Dr. Gago, indicating that the detection of Lupus if due to the manifestation of associated symptoms, there should be a clinical accompaniment, which can be caused by fluid in the organs, generating bumps or bruises on the patient. For the case of the lungs, there is initially an oppressive pain with an air flap and there is an internal involvement involving a fibrosis.

For his part, Dr. Oscar Soto, rheumatologist and president of the Rheumatic Nurses Foundation, points out that “patients with Lupus“Whenever there is a needle or problem to breathe, it is important to be able to search ayuda because it can actually cause an emergency.”

According to experts, the inflammation that is present in organs such as coir, pericarditis, or in the lungs, pleurisy, sound alarms to identify a nurse as the lupusla cual, es enfermedad inflamatoria rheumatologyis listed as ‘injected for miles’, given that the symptoms are so varied and varied that they normally treat as symptoms of pain and other pathology, but it is vital to integral patient attitudes from different types of medicine, logging a diagnostic that avoids permanent patients.

Occasionally there are specialists who have the slightest idea that most patients’ symptoms are present in Lupus son: la piel, articulations and vital organs. At the same time, a specialist dermatologist will be required to take care of any symptoms that are unaddressed, even if they are in the joints, if the rheumatologist accompanies the rheumatologist; However, the attraction of many disciplines such as nephrology, nutrition, neurology and psychiatry is not necessary.

Symptoms of Lupus

The symptomatology of this condition is diverse, but it can present multiple manifestations that affect each system of the human body of patients. Most associated with:

  • painfully breathing deeply;

  • cuticle eruption in the form of mariposa salsa on the mejillas and nariz;

  • sanguínea coagulation problems.

As a result, when an arthritis patient is treated as an asylum seeker, he generates a dose of joint modifications that modify the structure of the joints, in case of the arthritis generated by Lupus, it is not “erosive, it does not generate any deformities and are present but it is due to the ligaments and structures” as explained by Dr. Carscar Soto.

Cuando se aborda el tema de Lupusit is said that it is an individualized nurse, every patient deserves a special symptomatology framework, which should be accompanied, but by different specialists.

In nutrition nutrition is important to ensure that good nutrition is complementary to the pharmacological treatment, strengthening the immune system, the good habituals wanting an alliance for adherence to mismos.

Anti-inflammatory recommendations:

Omega-3 acids, which are found in:

  • Grass fishes, salmon, oystercatchers, nymphs, linseed seedlings, pollinated seedlings, bats, cocoon cereals, agave.

Calcium consumption (milk thistle, spinach, almonds) and vitamin D supplementation (salmon, huevos, zetas) are essential to avoid other pathologies.

Folic acid, concentrated in:

Taking into account that the most common symptoms, such as inflammation of the organs and part of the body, it is necessary to avoid and consume a responsive consumption of all the food that is inflammatory, aspect that is individualized, which patients should reconcile themselves perjudica, like from a professional company in nutrition.