¿A new stage in Atención Primaria?

Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma.

The XXVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of General and Family Medicine (SEMG) has organized a reflection span on the primary level of assistance. A futuro donde los professionals’s advertisements on the partitions of their decisions for as well poner fin and a model that qualifies as agodated.

In an interview with Medical Redactionthe president of the SEMG, Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma, replay the main ideas extra annually from the citation such as decentralization, application of new assistive models, prioritization of clinical patients or diagnostic tests in the health center.

Antonio Fernández-Pro: “The main hermitage that we do not have time”.

Ora What is the value of the XXVIII National Congress of SEMG?

Es muy buena. It expects the expectations we have and we have a significant level of interaction, with a large number of young people. The ganas tenaa ganas are actually present in the present tense and are noted not only in the room, but also in the level and the level of interaction with the components, no matter how important.

However, it is important to note the number of streaming connections that have been leaked to the new salads live, and it is likely that they will be almost as long as they have lasted as long as their passages and evidence are still high. media outlets with congress in abiert.

¿Is the hybrid format available for you?

Sí, sin duda. It is a format of excellence, as long as you click a button to terminate and accredit your online sessions. Quitandas estas cosas para affinarlo poke mous e el result is spectacular, quiero decir, is a format of exit without counting on duda.

Are you ready to read Family values?

Our nurses take it seriously to try a new stage. In fact, Atención Primaria has not been able to register another rumbo. Professional instability and professional malestar is a clamor. The politician and the guest have an egg for all who have the knowledge of what they have to do with the professional before hacking or exercising. And this exchange rate should not be too late, since the values ​​are followed by the mismos.

“The politician and the guest have an egg for all who have a account of what they have to do with the professional”

Á What is the route to the Primaria exchange rate?

The route to follow is very easy. Dejar de hacer lo que estamos haciendo mal. If we follow the same steps, we will follow the resulting results. We see that this is not a diner, in Catalonia you incentive with € 9,000 or you will get 20% of the finished plazas. Hace falta algo más.

In Rafael Bengoa’s conference, which is clear, I do not know the type of tapestry, and I totally agree with it. We owe it to ourselves to have a clear and manifest decentralization, shaking the initiative of the professionals. This does not mean that you do not want to be frustrated if you can not get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Hay that apply other models porque por est camino no vamos a ningún lado

Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma, president of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG).

Ó What is the breach that is involved in the politics and medicine of the Family?

It is a breach that leaves much to be desired, but it does not live the reality of the day and the day it hare not to see the ways of the way it is. Have a great distance between the guarantor and the doctor of the pie. Entonces, have a bug of entending and a bug of communication. There is also at least one professional who does not have the means to connect or tend to assist levels. We are not interconnected, they are transversal and can not be ordered or only to be considered professional.

¿How can you reduce this breach?

How to get in the screw, increasing communication. Es decir, complement tener en kuenta a los professionals. If you want to save a fortune it’s not to be confused with it… It’s not complicated, it’s like a family and they treat it as a compass, they do not search for quick solutions and complex problems que son son tan fáciles. The paper supports all of them, but it is actually deprived of the reality of the trincheras and it is not easy to copy these protocols.

“Hay que aplicar otros modelos porque por este camino ne vamos a ningún lado”

Val What is the value of Sanidad coming to Primaria for technological renovation?

It is a temptation, to think or create something that is not known and does not really know what reality is. When it comes to technological systems that are absolutely obsolete, when you do not have the necessary renovation at all, you decide to go for a technical renovation and that Primaria does not make the mistake because it’s all over the hospital. Verd Since the only one that works is the one that does not work even though it is the system because the problem is in the difference that it has to read at the second level.

“We owe it to a clear and manifest decentralization, pushing the professionals who’s part of the initiative”

Deb What are the diagnostic devices in the health centers?

Yes, Family Medicine is running at a much faster pace. One of the intentions of this society is always to get all the technology from the hospital and to get all the technology out of the medicine. Because we have a lack of protagonism, it is because we need to approach the diagnosis to the patient. This way we disinfect the time of waiting and inertidumbre, increasing the patient’s assurance to be more certified in the diagnostic.

“The main herramienta that we do not have time”

The attenuation of chronic patients is one of the main themes of the congress. P Where can I recover the time period?

I believe that there is a time that is irrecoverable. You can detect cancers in situations that are too difficult to diagnose. Please provide pillars and mark any priority criteria from the consultation. We need to keep pace with the news and search for patients who do not need control over their age. The main reason why we do not need it is time.

Ó How do you get more time?

The last major crisis that plagued Atención Primaria in the sexta ola fue by bureaucratic themes, but by labas labas, algo that are supported by news of another way. I do not need time for patients, as my time is up to 35% or 40% in bureaucratic topics, although it is not sensitive. However, we do not have much time for sanitary transport until the second level intermediate consultation or the second level petition is completed. It’s a situation that tends to be frustrating with people, people, tends to control the flow of patients through the system, with initial consultations, resolutive consultations and more.

¿What message does the espresso machine from the future take to be transmitted to a family doctor?

Hay mucho. You do not always know what we are doing, we are in a different profession and the situation is complicated, but we are in a very good profession. It’s the first specialty that has no ideology, no politics, no contact, no fraternity, no accompanying ideology. And this moment of intimacy with the patient from time to time, solos dos, is so intense and so passionate that you personally do not change by nada.

Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma was present at the XXVIII National Congress of General and Family Medicine.

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