A vacant throne in Westminster: Carlos de Inglaterra replaces Isabel II at Parliament opening ceremony | International

There is a moment in which the fiction that constitutes the British monarchy in the cascade of power can be seen in all its majesty. You are married, but for the first time in ten years, Isabel II has not been present. The cause is their “episodic mobility problems”, explained Buckingham Palace, hoping to add up to the last minute to record the decision. The Reina discourse, the central act of the opening ceremony of the sessions of the British Parliament, is still the occasion of the “futuro” Rey discourse. Carlos de Inglaterra, accompanied by his son Guillermo, the Duke of Cambridge, repositioned the monarchy and, for the first time, read the legislative planes of Boris Johnson’s Gobierno. El “Gobierno de Su Majestad”, as it is known as the recaller Winston Churchill.

The sovereignty of the United Kingdom resides in Parliament, and the difference between other nations such as Spain, which is clear in the constitutional text that sovereignty resides in the public. If the idea that Cámara de los Commune is at the center of the British political system is that it has been eroded by ten decades of prime ministers and prime ministers each with more than one president in power, the notion of a monarch in a cuy gobierna y se legisla debe sostenerse en el tiempo con grandes dos de pompa y ceremonia.

Isabel II entertained all of them at the Palace of Westminster through the Gate of Soberano, solemnly retrieving the breve trajectory from the Palace of Buckingham, escorted by the real cabaret. Ataviada with the imperial crown and with the mantle of the State, walk through the real gallery, accompanied by hasta seiscientos invitados, hasta La Cámara de los Lores. Desde allí se envía al Black Rod (Caballero Ujier del Bastón Negro), the official who reserved the dependencies of the Parliament, to convince the deputies of the Chamber of Commons.

For the purpose of entry, they are able to recover as much as they can from the Commons, the Commons and symbolically Black Rod with the gate in the narcissus. It is a mode of expression, from which there are syllables, which the Parliament does not obey the Jordanian monarch. Hasta tres golpes deber dar en la portea con su stón para que los diputados le abran, reciban su mensajje y acudan a la Cámara de los Lores a escuchar a la Reina. Solo in 1959 and 1963, for the motive of being pregnant, Isabel II was not present at the ceremony.

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This year, for example, the diphthongs and their ears were found in Carlos de Inglaterra, the heir to the throne. He was taken aback by his shadow ceremony, the Duke of Cambridge, running along the line of succession. The imperial crown was deposited, conveniently, like a coin, facing the space when the real throne is killed, which has a permanent vacancy. The Prince of Gales, accompanied by his successor, Camilla Parker Bowles, is sent to the gate. Guillermo, en el lado opuesto.

“The Prime Minister fully respects the works of Su Majestad, and builds on the principle of Gales which is accessible to his discourse in its name,” said a spokesman for Boris Johnson, finally reaching the conclusion of Buckingham.

“La Reina has never had episodic mobility problems, and has been unable to consult doctors, has decided not to take part in the opening ceremony of the Parliament,” he said at the end of the day. “The petition of Su Majestad, and with the agreement of the relevant authorities, the principle of Gales based on the Reina discourse, with the presence of the Duke of Cambridge.”

Isabel II tends to sign a real decree (Letter of Patent), agreed with Downing Street, with the Unique Delegate to shadow reading of Johnson’s goblin program. It is a prerogative of the monarch to repart functions among the various consecrations of the State. Pero a nadie se le escapes el profundo symbolism that supone escuchar por primera vez el discurso de futuro rey, Carlos de Inglaterra. Acostumbrado, lasting 73 years in those who are patiently ill at the moment, constructing a single criterion in political, artistic, social, urban, or mediocre environment, the principle of Gales being tested being married and consisting of mother: asumir as propios, and realized in its name, ideas and planes with those who do not only care that they are in the middle.

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