Abandonar Medicine and embarrassing in Psychology: las razones

Elena Pastushenko, PIR at the Puerta del Hierro Hospital.

Elena Pastushenko decidió abandonar Medicina hace cinco años para embarcarse en otra rama sanitaria: Psychology. A definition of what the nun is doing, all the way up; whenever in the degree the hizo reaffirms and “estar more sure haber tomado la correct decision”.

“Medicine takes place in the media from the second year, during which the first course is planted with different varieties,” Pastushenko said. Medical Redaction. “Finally in the first case there is no porcelain resolution me dejé llevar por el hecho de que lasignatura eran menos ‘medicas’ y era normal que no me gustasen tanto “, added.

The embargo, in the second instance, “jumps with reality”. “I know that caring in the wind is not what I expected and did not establish itself as being misused by other people,” the psychologist said, admitting that “it’s being misunderstood at an emotional level and with a lot of stress but all that is required of the degree “. “I do not think that all of this will make me feel better about my pen”subraya as the main reason that the left to abandon some studios.

Pero, ¿por qué se decantó posteriorment by Psychology? “Because medicine is of interest to psychiatrists, or who are always attracted to me for their mental health topics,” the statement explicitly states that “at this moment psychology has given me a great deal of compassionate and humane understanding. “. “Al final, Solo psychiatry is one of the most popular in Medicine“In order to be more directly related to psychotherapy in Psychology,” Pastushenko said, it is periodic.

About being reported Psychology that does not report Medicine, assured that “part of all these are concomitant, to study a career that interests me without excessive pressure and see that my exhaust is already compensated“.” It is a matter of considering that you should pay attention to the excellency of the excellency: that you should not be deceived by the many students who, with a self-indulgence, do not know what to do with their capacities, “he said, respecting this.

‘Adiós’ to Medicine: “In the carrier it’s too little for the student”

“My general perception is that to be taken care of by some students who have been forced too much to enter into Medicine, including the illusion of medical “, admit, after acknowledging that” all faculties can not be extrapolated “.

Ahora, Pastushenko comenza unava aventura. This is a laboratory. This is the semaphore stage as well PIR at the Hospital Puerta de Hierro of Madrid. A formation that psychologically describes itself as “very complete” and that is always considered “ideal for God”. “From the principle of deciding to remove the PIR and give it all in the middle of the preparation”, explicitly stated that sabía “the complication of the series”. “People trying to stay away from counselors and others trying to quit”, admit.

“Psychology has allowed me to study
a pressure vessel;
algo que suele faltar en los grados
que buscan la excellence “

Precisely, however, it is clear that “all the clock is ticking, as always prioritizing the descent when saturated”. “I do not have the content of the exam, but I have the right to do so even if I do not have a good balance”, the affirmation, and the confessional feeling of “haber sacado plaza en su primera convocatoria”. “It’s a privileged news and a news”relata.

By the way, Pastushenko admits that “la terapia es algo muy complejo y que ningún libro te va a enseñar igual que ver a otras personas ejerciéndola “.

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