Abbott launches virtual Neurosphere clinic in Spain

Abbott announced the launch in Spain from the Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic: the premier technology that allows patients carrying portable neuromodulation implants to communicate remotely, without having to adjust and adjust the adjuvant need The Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic has the potential to increase the effective treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain or movement disorders who experience great distances from their personal health, or who have difficulty varying to consider medical consultations, such as CO or of mobility.

Abbott’s Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic provides patients with the flexibility and comfort to take care of any situation * when connecting with their doctor through a secure video application and integrated programming system, which can be accessed by The Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic allows the clinical team to modify remote therapy therapeutic agents using the neurostimulation device using the clinical programmer application with a new, intuitively connected connection. It is an advantage for the patient to be safely and permissibly adapted to therapy or convenience and screw style.

virtual clinic

The German University Trias Hospital in Pujol is the first hospital in Spain to implement this technology. “Our latest experience with pandemics has demonstrated the use of remotely controlled cuisine in patients with various conditions, especially pathologies of high specialization.” Dijo el Dr. Ramiro vlvarez, Responsible for neurology of the Functional Surgery Unit of the Hospital Traffic Officer. “Regardless of the situation, Neurosphere offers multiple views. Permit to increase the time and resources of patients who are allowed to stay at the Center of Reference. In an important way, the possibility of providing controllable control over the devices in emergencies allowed by the center is provided; We are basically in a situation where the patient requires a diagnostic test or modifications in emergency therapy, such as surgery or diagnostic surgery or surgery. In this form, we allow patients to follow in their habitual habitat increasing their comfort and gesture of their resources. ”

The NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic can be used for patients in urban and rural areas with poor access or inaccessibility to medicine. In alternative digital health solutions, these patients are at risk of having or disposing of an unwanted cuisine.1 NeuroSphere supports the commodity and flexibility of attentional remoteness in neuromodulation therapies, providing more benefits to patients with chronic pain and movement disorders with Abbott devices.

“Patients who have used the Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic have commented as soon as they changed their screws, and did not have the illusion that they could reconsider their enthusiasm in their clinical pain patients and Trastornos of Moving in Spain. The NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic has expanded most consulting services from the hospital or clinic, and optimizing the course of therapy in patients who can take care of their home comfort, ”said Pedro Malha, Abbott Neuromodulation Vice President. “It’s an exciting way to get therapy from people who live without their medical supplies, who have no access to medical care, or who can not afford medical or economic constraints, but due to the flexibility of their caregivers . ”

Abbott’s Virtual NeuroSphere Clinic is compatible with Abbott’s neuromodulation devices, including the DBS Infinity system for patients with Movement Traumas, such as Párkinson’s Essential Template; and the Proclaim system for convincing patients with chronic pain. It integrates with the work of Abbott’s technology resulting in the control of the company centered on the patient, combining neuroscience with innovative technology with no end in sight of a patient living in the same way as the patient is calibrated .

* Any site with internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data and a patient controller with adequate battery.
For safety information, please visit the web pages for Infinity DBS, Proclaim XR and Proclaim DRG devices.

About Neuromodulation
Neuromodulation is an essential treatment in that it directs electrical discharges and specific beams to alter neural activity. Neuromodulation is recommended mentally for patients who have chronic pain in the chest and some types of movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and Tremor Essential. It is estimated that 8 million Spanish people live with chronic pain2where 150,000 people live with Párkinson and are diagnosed with 10,000 new cases of acne in Spain3and 400,000 people live with Tremor Essential4.

About Abbott
Abbott is a company that takes care of the world when it comes to taking care of the health that goes into a rica screw in all stages of its life. Our technology cartel is out of stock of health, with diagnostic systems, medical devices, nutritional products and medicines. Our 109,000 containers work in more than 160 countries. Connect with us at, on LinkedIn, on Facebook and on Twitter @AbbottNews.

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3 Sociedad Española de Neurología. Press room published on April 11, 2018.
4 Infosalus Magazine. Unas 400.000 personas en España sufren temblor esencial, published March 11, 2016.
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