abuse, violence, and mental health problems in a detente

More than 2,500 migrants and asylum seekers have been detained in inhumane conditions in Lithuania, more than half of them have reportedly crossed the border into Belarus. MSF warns of the impact of provocation that provokes a prolongation of the physical and mental health of persons who are concentrated in the centers and pediments of the Lithuanian authorities who take the form of mediation and arbitrary determinations.

“MSF teams have been tested primarily for problematic women who are provoking detachment in the physical and mental health of people miles,” said Georgina Brown, MSF’s institutional representative in Lithuania. “I do not have access to a straightforward asylum process and I do not have any specialization for psychiatric patients. Tampoco for persons highly vulnerable to torture and sexual violence. The prolonged arbitrary determination of migrants and asylum seekers in Lithuania must be terminated in an orderly manner and all asylum seekers must be evaluated in a manner that is straightforward ”.

Our teams set up medical and mental health centers in Lithuania. In fact, permanent retinal detachments last longer than once. The majority were arrested in 2021, producing only a handful of people, the current majorities of Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Cameroon and Afghanistan, which are cruising from Belarus to Poland, Lithuania. Many teams have revealed to our teams that the theme is persecuted or taken for granted.

Migration policies of the European Union (EU), intended to restrict migration by pursuing destination through protection, have a perudative impact on the mental health and well-being of individuals. Between January and March 2022, our psychology team will treat 98 patients in these centers. Sixty percent of those who report it relate to other problems of the association and the majority of them declare that the association establishes a relationship with the conditions of the detachment in which it is established. Insertidumbre and limited access to legal assistance are also covered by the main stressors. “Necesito saber qué pasará con nosotros”, explicitly in our personal salute of a man detenido in Kybartai “(…) Estamos atrapados”.

“I intentionally attempted suicide only when I was out”, explicitly a detail that identifies itself as a member of the LGBTQI + community. Algunas of those persons are collectively, who are specially exposed to discrimination, who have compromised their mental well-being in a specially grave form during these months of detention.

Detention conditions in the centers are completely inaccurate and do not respond to the lack of health and protection that are present that have been met by Lithuania searching for security. Many denuncian persons have recovered a degrading treaty and have been subjected to violence by some of the guards who visited the detention centers in what we are seeking. In March, one of the nurses testified as the Lithuanian front-guard guards forcibly shot and killed a psychiatric patient for posteriorly removing the rest of the person.

“Lo encerraron en una celda de aislamiento”, afirma. “Pedí entrar en su celda para verle, pero me negaron la entrada. In this cell I have a punctuated object. “Poco de entrar en ella, lo tomó y lo usó para autolesionarse”.

Recently, a personal sense of mental health brindó or psychological or other persons who have sexually enhanced sexual orientations establish detentions; a case that appears in the means of local communication. We advocate for the translation of these three persons to a more appropriately centered one, since it is ultimately reconciled, but the process of moving away and slowing down and moving more than one of the semantics ensures that it translates into other places.

For some people identified as particularly vulnerable there is currently no adequate alternative. Make sure you stay in the same center of gravity as the rest of the people. From 2022 onwards, more than 50 people identified as suffering from torture or other forms of sexual violence were identified and killed in their country of origin. Our teams have identified and derived from ACNUR a variety of cases of persons who do not need special protection, including a variety of psychiatric patients seeking adequate care.

We advertise that the arbitrary and long-term determination of asylum seekers and migrants in Lithuania will end. We guarantee that real and effective protection for all migrant and asylum seekers residing in Lithuania will be guaranteed and that they will be urgently sought alternatively to destination. We affirm that, like the continental arbitrary detentions, they abuse abuses, violence and mental health problems of the detonating persons.

In September 2021, we will start a new psychological reception at the reception desks located in Lithuania, where we will carry out activities to promote the sale and distribution of first-time items. From 2022 onwards, we have achieved the primary attainment of health and provide psychological or psychological support in the centers of detoxification in Lithuania. In Medininkai, where temporal modular containers are installed in a Guardian de Fronteras State School for men and women and adult families, and in Kybartai, an antigua prism that is currently used as the center of attention for adult men. Between January and March 2022, our teams performed 2,636 medical consultations. The majority of those involved are primarily psychiatric auxiliaries and psychosomatically related to the purpose and scope of access to most basic services, such as prescription drugs. During this time period, our mental health teams offer 214 assortment sessions to 98 people. Sixty percent of those who report it have related problems with the company and the majority of them declare that the company establishes a relationship with the conditions of the detachment in which it is established, the limitation of the motions and the inertia on the future and the process the middle and the repatriation.


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