Accurate diagnosis, valve to treat pulmonary fibrosis

Elena Gobartt, Guarantee of Medical Affairs Specialty Care of Boehringer Ingelheim Spain.

One of the five patients with interstitial pulmonary enfermedad puede desarrollar una Progressive pulmonary fibrosis (FPP), which is repeated in the caliper vein of the patient and is associated with an elevated mortality. From there, various experts were present at the symposium “Clinical Advances in Pulmonary Fibrosis” which is celebrated in the 55th Congress of the Spanish Society of Neurology and Circumcision (Separ)from June 2 to 4 in Pamplona, ​​with the obligation to follow up on accurate diagnosis and the best abortion of this pathology.

Las interstitial diffuse pulmonary encephalitis (EPID) with a diverse group of more than 200 heterogeneous pulmonary infarcts between the cells Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (FPI) is the most frequent. When a person is present FPI, a rare and progressive nurse, the lungs are cicatricated and regurgitation occurs, disrupting the passage of oxygen to the lungs and provoking dissipation before breathing. FPI is the initial EPID that is characterized by manifestations similar to FPP, although there are other types of EPID that can be manifested in some cases, presenting an evolution and a similar feature to FPI.

The moderator of the symposium, Claudia Valenzuela, neumóloga, responsive of the EPID Unit of the Neumology Service of the University Hospital of the Princess (Madrid) and coordinator of the EPID department of Separ, explicitly states that: which is present in the FPI -the prototype of progressive fibrous pulmonary embryo- from its diagnostic and which can be treated with other EPID fibrils. Es decir, FPP can be used in other EPIDs without FPI and that, in the current course of the nursing course, it can be said to be progressively fibrous.

“In 2018, a group of experts describing the behavior is in EPID forms, with characteristics similar to FPI, and publishes the first prevalence studies in different cohorts. update guides in FPI. Are you including an apartment that, with all the evidence available at the moment, does not have to objetivo unificar la terminología y hablar de fibrosis pulmonar progresiva ”, ha añadido. As a specialist, there are guidelines for “marking the clinical, functional and radiological criteria in order to determine if there is any complication present in the EPID that does not have an FPI”.

FPP is characterized by a diffuse, consistent, and irreversible fibrosis that exacerbates respiratory symptoms and reduces pulmonary function, thereby affecting the progression of the disease being essential to calidity of life and the patient profile, which is associated with a high mortality rate. Ademas of functional impact, patients with FPP can suffocate emotional trauma, such as depression.

Durante el symposio, Athol Wellsspecialist in diffuse pulmonary dermatitis at Royal Brompton Hospital (United Kingdom), who underwent surgery on the concept of FPP and performed a revision of the evidence that has been leaked to your current definition of Maria MolinaHead of the Neumology Research Group at the Hospital of the University of Bellvitge (Barcelona) and coordinator of the Pulmonary Interstitial Functional Unit (UFIP), which replicates the recent ATS / ERS / JRS / ALAT international guide publication.

Boehringer above the door and more possibilities

For your part, Luca Richeldi, director of the Pulmonary Medicine Division at Gemelli University Hospital (Italy), has the insurance and efficiency of the BI1015550 form in the ultimate clinical practice of Boehringer Ingelheim in patients with FPI, although he is the principal investigator. This molecule is an oral inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4B (PDE4B) which, currently in study, is thinner potential for treating pulmonary fibrosis as well as associated inflammation a progressive fibrosant interstitial pulmonary infarcts.

The data of the phase II clinical trial obtained up to 12 weeks show a reduction in the pulmonary function declination cup in patients with FPI, although they do not establish a reciprocal antifibrotic treatment as they are being treated. Thras estos hallazgos, Boehringer Ingelheim uniciará un program of phase III clinical trials with the ambition of poner is medicine and the disposition of the patients the next member.

In February 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the EEUU agreed on the design of innovator therapy is new form in investigation, that is currently not approved in any way before the indication.

Investigations of the young talents of Separ

At the time of the congress, Boehringer Ingelheim was very interested in investigating some of the projects presented by members of the EPID Emerging Group (Geepid), cradled in the EPID’s field of Separ with its fin to investigate entre sus miembros mós jóvenes. El objetivo de estas ayudas, de 5,000 euros Whenever possible you should have all of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

The selected projects are on either side Candela Serraneumóloga del Hospital de Santa Creu i Sant Pau (Barcelona), sobre “Characterization of cases of pulmonary toxicity secondary to immunotherapy”; Oswaldo Antonio Caguana Vélez, neumólogo de Hospital del Mar (Barcelona), on “Impact of oxygen therapy on effervescence on the activation of patients with EPID who are discharged into effusion”; y el de Elisa Martínez Besteironeumóloga del La de Princesa (Madrid), sobre “Fibroelastosis pleuroparenquimatosa: epidemiology, diagnostic characterization, pronation and mane”.

Elena Gobarttguaranteed by Medical Affairs Specialty Care of Boehringer Ingelheim Spain, the company compromises with its differential lung diagnostic applications by saying: “In Boehringer Ingelheim we have one larga trayectoria in the investigation of pulmonary fibrosis, which is a new form of investigation, which demonstrates the detection of pulmonary function in patients with FPI, except ambition to follow suit traced to innovation.

“In line with our compromise with the diffuse interstitial pulmonary embryos and independent investigation, we are all forced to go to the membranes of the emerging group Geepid at the Separ congress, sharing it with the most talented and highly talented specialists. de follow unscrupulous solutions for these nurses. “If we use all of them, we will take more advances for the future of pulmonary fibrosis,” he said.

Boehringer Ingelheim is working on the hand of well-informed societies as Separators and patient associations are hard to beat awareness campaigns which facilitates the conjugation of pulmonary fibrosis; promoting value programs to adjust patients and facilitate the transversal formation of specialists in the management of pulmonary fibrosis. From here, the web Advances in Pulmonary Fibrosis proportional scientific updates, guides and courses to identify and manage the temprana form of pulmonary fibrosis in multiple pathologies, including progressive pulmonary fibrosis.

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