Actions between AEDV and SNS against dermatologist cases

Yolanda Gilaberte, new president of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV).

Tras 113 years of historyla Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) será presidia por primera vez por una mujer, Yolanda Gilaberte. The current head of the Dermatology Service Miguel Servet Hospital de Zaragoza tiene clara su new hoja de rutabasada en seis áreas and what details in Medical Redaction: “Our pilasters last formation, investigationlos working groupslas territorial sectionsla dermatologist defense y el public and private exercise. On the other hand, we owe it to ourselves to defend our camp, positioning ourselves as líderes en el cuidado de la piel”.

One tendency that Gilaberte wants to modify at least in Spain is that medical persons realicen la dermatological function dentro del campo de la aesthetics. Este casus belli be motivated, follow the dermatologist, debit that “the specialty is very codiciada y es capaz de abordar tanto enfermedades como es el aesthetic cuid y cosmetic de la piel. It is a provocation that people in medical forms do not want to act. It’s our mission defender’s night camp. Debemos posicionarnos as leaders in all that is Dermatology, el cuidado de la piel sana, enferma y del cáncer cutáneo”.

“We must be positioned in all that is Dermatology: The care of the hay, the nurse and the cutaneous cancer”

The territorial sections represent the AEDV voyage in their different autonomous communitiesson gesttionadas por un presidente, en palabras de la dermatóloga, “tienen activities y reunions with the rest of the sections. “On the other hand, they work with the AEDV working groups.”

Tal y como publicó Medical Redactionthe deficit of dermatologists in Espana in areas comarcales y rural is a reality. In this respect, Gilaberte opined that “AEDV can work with its territorial sections, but difícil change this situation if you do not realize it coordinated action with el National Health System (SNS). From which we can influence what is the support organization, which is the autonomous communications that provide the plaza offer. The Ministry of Sanidad has an espresso machine to increase the number of plazas MIR in our specialty, pero la private law demand a lot of dermatologists. “Assisting assistance in a large and non-commercial center is the defending position by Miguel Servet Hospital.”

Revisit the dermatologist’s paper at AEDV

For the first time since the AEDV fundraiser, there has been a whole paradox for Gilaberte, who defends the paper of the female sex through the specialty: “It is not a matter of generosity preside over AEDV, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha representada in the presidency of the Academy ”.

“It is not a matter of genre presiding over AEDV”

Gilaberte espera poder combinar a la perfecós sus functions as president of AEDV and head of the Hospital Dermatology Service Miguel Servet, affirming that “he is a grand honor y accountability the cargo that defies “.

International investigation and projection

The investigation that has been converted, to Gilaberte, into one of the angular pillars during his tenure presidency of the AEDV, además de stretch lazos at the international level: “The academy investigation unit generally responds to the investigation projects proposed by working groupsde la industry o de collaborative investigations with European associations. In these moments la atopic dermatitis is the nurse who now has a very high level of atheistic advancement to the new therapeutic advances, except that we are centered in other nurses immunologicalla alopecia areata, la psoriasis y el canal cancer. The apparition of new therapeutic molecules contribute to the online investigation ”.

This is a national investigation against the new president searching for the project al extranjerobecause Gilaberte is the partner of cruzar fronteras to intercambiar conocimientos with other passages: “Innovation has taken much of a toll on Dermatology in the most recent years, and now we have to gradually increase our projection on the outside, mainly on Latinoamerica”.

AEDV exchanges active paper for respecting al public and private exercise of the specialty, because Gilaberte’s hope “darles supports problems and inconveniences that can be found in practical clinical diarrhea. This aspect is present with a common cold in the most recent years, the dermatologist’s defense, which permits it at an individual level ”.

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