Add the new Formula 1 classification format

Most recently we had tenos variations of modifications in the classifications of Formula 1. The most recent modification is the elimination of the norm of using the Q2 neumatic carrier for up to 10 primers. Without embargo, Formula 1 has been prepared more than once.

We change the latest ones

Formula 1 was intentionally searched for new ones more forms to see in the category, and many of these exchanges are not included in the classification. As an embargo, it is not the only exchange that we all experimented with, although it is ultimately the same, since Liberty Media’s entry in 2017, we have seen a major increase in the number or number of circuits circulating in the calendar as well as the latest Miami o Las Vegas.

También, en lo deportivo se optó por un exchange rate great for 2022 with what is intended find a great leader of your teams and be more spectacular. Pero donde m cams cambios se han visto ha sido en las classifications.

Browse new search formats for the concept of ‘sprint classification‘, a format that exchange is radically the format we have been running since 2006 when introducing the concept of Q1-Q2-Q3. In this format we have to classify the virenas, which determines the order of the carcass of the carcass that determines the order of the carcass of the caring important caring.

This is not the case at all, modifications to all classifications. Formula 1, with the new regulatory body, Decide on the rate at which pilots are classified in the top 10 following what to do with Q2 neumatics.

The new classification format

However, cambiums do not need to be formulated, and Formula 1 is intended to introduce variations in the classifications. Hac esasas días, the FIA ​​wanted a communication in the one that confirmed that tendríamos 6 classifications al sprint la próxima temporada. In this communicative manner, también hablaban of its intention to reduce the pneumatic games of its pilots for near proximitylos cual pasarían de ser 13 juegos por piloto a 11.

This is a reduction of neumatics, which will be converted into 2 of the 23 quotes before 2023, even if the classification is modified. The Q1-Q2-Q3 format is thought to be similar, as pilots are required to use a neumatic type.

All pilots are required to use in Q1 a game of threes that tends to be difficult neumatic. The pilots who disputed the Q2 tends to use a neural medium of the four that are available for this week. Y, by último, en la Q3 podrán usar tres de los quatro neumáticos blandos que llevarán.

Eso sí, it is exchanged on the number of neumatics not to be affected. In this case, the crews and pilots count with their four intermediate pneumatic games and their 3 extreme flow pneumatic games.

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