ADDITIV Medical’s Overview: What are the hybrid event statistics?

Resumen ADDITIV Medical

In order to add an ADDITIV Medical semaphore, you have to go through the game of May 12, which we will share with you and a summary of the key figures of this hybrid incubator. With more than 850 inscriptions, 24 virtual stands and 24 points, it is clear that the additive fabrication has great potential for cremation in the medical and dental sector. The good results obtained by ADDITIV have the effect of being manifested in the importation of virtual events as well as the need to compete mainly with professionals in the sector. By the way, hoy queremos hacer an resumen y sampler algunas cifras obtenidas en ADDITIV Medicalas the feedback recurs, in order to have a more ambitious perspective of what the event is about, ¡no te lo pierdas!

For one thing, during the virtual day, the pudding participants visit the 3 feet of the fair and touch the exposed expanses dedicated to the 3D dentro of the health sector. During networking sessions, companies expose you to present and present your products and services to your connected users. Además de esto, amfrutamos of 4 conferences and 3 workshops of the most interesting graces and professionals who do not accompany and do not see their vision on the different topics of application in the medical and dental sector. The first conference of the day is about «Additive manufacturing paper in surgical planning», moderated by Magí Galindo (IAM 3D HUB) and professional with Hospital General University Gregorio Marañón, Hospital University Puerta del Mar and Parc Taulí. This panel, we want to learn from a workshop presented by Fátima Matute, of the Clinical Hospital San Carlos, about the radiology and the medical image, with the title: Del DICOM and the 3D impression.

We also need to focus on a topic that is not centered in the medical sector as it is, in a very specific way, such as dentistry. In particular, the second conference was called: «Á How is the 3D impression of the dental sector?», and is currently starring speakers from 3DBioTech, Barcelona Dental Show and CustomImplants. This is how we add the second ADDITIV Medical workshop, offered by Josep Munuera of Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, and deals with the topic «Expert3D: advanced imaging techniques to achieve complete excision in surgery». The third panel is moderately moderated by Ignacio Prim de Fenin, and starring professionals from major organizations such as HP 3D Printing, Medtronic and the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona, ​​both of which share a common interest among «Benefits and retouches of 3D impression on the board of medical devices». The third virtual workshop on “New personalized drugs thanks to 3D impression” and presented by Helena Herrada, Idonial and Women in 3D Printing. The latest virtual event conference was co-hosted by experts from Semeretec, Poietis, Regemat and Mimetis, which deals with one of the most interesting aspects: «¿Is 3D bioimpressions the future of regenerative medicine?».

For other reasons, ADDITIV Medical is a physical event in the city of Barcelona, ​​and we offer you a resume of this time. Do you work with the workshops, the first offer by Leitat on “How do you design for medical device additive manufacturing?” As a result, the assistants of the physical event will have a fun pudding on a panel with the title: «Integrate 3D Impression into Hospitals, where to find them?», in which Alan Muñoz (Leitat) participates as moderator, Albert Mangas (Avinent), Eduard Soler (Parc Taulí) and Arnau Valls (San Joan de Déu Hospital). Wanted to share knowledge about the current state of additive manufacturing in the hospital’s, as well as the time of conversions with all assistants as well as a visit to Lab3D converted into 3D Incubator. A A very exciting physical day!

Credits: 3D Incubator / 3Dnatives

Very diverse medical profiles

In addition to the profile of the assistants, it can be said that you lose a great variety of professional positions, and you go to an event center in the medical sector. The wholesaler, 26%, claiming a 3D impression service, followed by professionals in the medical sector, with 25% off. However, up to 20% of all education providers in the education and training sector support the paper and the import of studios in the 3D industry applied to the industry. The rest of the users only have the most diverse profiles, scientists and companies distributors of teams, manufacturers of materials, professionals in the dental sector, software, etc.

Pudimos conocer the opinion of algunos usuarios, como Aleksandra Kosmowska, Regional Manager at ZORTRAX, who commented: “Fue un evento muy interesante y bien preparado. The medical industry is constantly evolving and that we can expect a lot of 3D printing technology is impressive. That which is most impressive to me is that it is the only commentary on the history of innovation, the tendency of our personalization being leveled in an asmbroso direction ”. Además quisimos preguntar to these participants kuál fue su moment moment favored by ADDITIV Medical. Among the testimonials that are recyclable, we start with an anonymous one that says: «Do not choose one in particular, because all obtained an appendix, data, conjugation and a distance etc. Pero sobre todo me quedo with the intention of all the exhibitors to share a recurring cam and invalible experiences ».

A really positive feedback

For the general, we can conclude that ADDITIV Medical assistants are always satisfied. With respect to conferences and workshops, a user has commented: «The benefits are either of technical value and of human value. The verdict is that he sabido a poco. Thanks for the great effort to find what to do ». También hemos apreciado ethe value of hybrid events, which is actually important or which favors interaction between persons, is two-dimensional. To hear more from other users: «Hybrid format events are perfect for the components and assistants, as, from one way or another, you can assist / participate ». Here are some tips to help you get the most out of it: «Anyway I can see the current level of 3D impression applied to medicine». If all participants have a satisfactory balance of the fair, then what to do next near the ADDITIVE event. Os Nos vemos pronto!

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