Adjusted for approximate calorie value within the EE.UU.

(CNN) – The National Meteorological Service of Phoenix advised that a “low and let calorific value” be applied to the EE.UU. for this is the end of the week.

More than 25 million people are receiving calorie alerts, and more than 50 records of high-temperature diarrhea using pulses ending at the end of the week, including in the Valle de Muerte, California, one of the hottest places on the planet.

“¡No subtimes the heat! The heat is one of the most mortal meteorological ices, as it assumes recording against the heat is the semana”, tweeted the Sacramento National Meteorological Service.

“High temperatures are recorded [sentirán] “Texas portions of the mirrors and jewels are expanding to California or beyond,” said the Center for Prediction of Time (WPC, for example in English) are mirrored by the machine.

High pressures create a calyx over this United States. The beam absorbs any radiation that escapes and travels through it, so that the rays of the sun can penetrate.

That is, combined with all the iridescence of a series of long and continuous sequences, allowing sub-zero temperatures to record levels in parts of California and beyond, with temperatures as high as 32 ° C up to 43.3 ° C above. , dijo el Centro de Predicción del Timempo.

The continuation will indicate when and where the calorific value is most intense.

Sophisticated color from Texas

“New Calorie” is the name of the National Meteorological Service of San Angelo as it describes the time at which it is, that the temperatures rising in the center or west of Texas are good and the weather is good.

The high temperature temperatures of the silo brand are slow and the maximum intensifies in the medium that advances the semana. The intensity peak is likely from the morning to the moon, according to the San Angelo meteorological office.

The main Texas cities record temperatures as high as 37.7 ° C. Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston probably algebra the number one, but, including three or more before the end of the week.

It is probable that the temperatures above the medium are at the end of the semicircle to test the Texas red electricity.

By heating the heat sink from the stage to the middle, moving the currents to conserve energy below the thermostats at 25.5 ° C and abstaining from using the main electro-doses during peak hours.

First hot weather in Las Vegas and Phoenix

This meteorological pattern is based in Texas during the weekend and extends from California to Nevada and Arizona to the streets and alleys.

The first event of excessive temperature of the weather, level 4 of 4 in the experimental scale of calorie of the meteorological services, or is about us, according to the Phoenix office of the meteorological service.

“It has the highest calorific value of any number of climatic locations that are equipped with maximum and minimum diarrhea records,” added the National Meteorological Service of Las Vegas.

Prev that the Valle de la Muerte alcance the 49.4 ° C the green. If so, break the record record of 48.8 ° C stable in 1994.

Las Vegas coquettes with diarrheal records, with temperatures around 42.7 ° C all over the place as well.

“Temperatures as high as 43.3 ° C are expected to rise and fall between a maximum of 43 and 46.1 ° C in the most deserted areas before the winds and permanently lasting through the wind”, dijo el National Meteorological Service of Phoenix.

Minimum nocturnal temperatures are measured outside a record.

For example, it should be noted that Las Vegas is only 28.8 ° C below free. The maximum minimum temperature record was set at 27.2 ° C in 1996.

It’s the case that the sea is so tight that it keeps the temperatures permanently high throughout the night, but the skin does not have a descent from the extremities.

The Phoenix National Meteorological Service claims that the heat dissipates from the principles of the weather and that temperatures fluctuate around normal.

Even the meteorological office in Las Vegas, like in Phoenix, is not as hot as it used to be.

Alcanzan calorie records record in the most recent years 1:03

The interior of California is located in the heart of the “high” calorie

For California, wait for the peppers to arrive.

If you find yourself in the heart of California, you can escape the heat, but the interior of the stadium does not tend to be flat.

“The tendency of each other to be calibrated above 37.7 ° C at the end of the week for Central Valle”, dijo el Sacramento National Meteorological Service. “The most calorie-dense greenhouse, with little nocturnal calorie oil.”

The greenhouse heat level, level 3 of 4, reaches most of the interior of California.

“The diurnal temperatures drive through the alcove 37.7 ° C – 40.5 ° C throughout the Valleys, which combined with the nocturnal temperature temperatures produce a high risk of calorific impact on the general public,” he said. the meteorological office of Sacramento.

All the meteorological service officers only have similar safety messages against the calorie with concourses for holding and keeping excess hot calorie events: avoiding cafes and alcohol, which can dehydrate the body. In exchange, the baby walks and walks to find air conditioning.

The sequence agrava el calor

The continent’s asolando el suroeste. One of the many inconveniences of the sequence, or of each sequence, is its impact on temperatures.

When it does not humidify itself or in plants, it does not evaporate or evapotranspiration, it is an enzymatic process that removes humidity from the air and maintains the temperature of the air.

“Basically, as long as it is air, it is very easy to get at a high temperature,” said Bryan Jackson of the Center for Time Prediction on CNN Weather. “Cuando hay más humedad, la temperatura puede ser contenida”.

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