Advance with Mayor Veloukidad the Salud Plan for Bienestar in Oaxaca

The Salon Plan for Bienestar and the Operation of the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program in Oaxaca Advance with the Mayor to complete with the instruction of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to approve the affected areas publication with shares in health, informs the director general of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo.

During the conference of the prince who encamped the title of the Federal Executive at the National Palace, Zoé Robledo announced that from October 4 to 20, 2021, he would take advantage of the lack of equipment, infrastructure and staff in the unit; 147 people attending 874 Primer Level units and 40 Secondary and Third Level Hospitals.

“As the president goes, it is a topic of resources that is assigned, permitted, and above all, is a topic of voluntary and hard work to gain the value of the constitutional framework and the degree of salutation”, the report .

Indication that you are working with the governor of the unit, Alejandro Murat, to conclude the implementation of the IMSS-BIENESTAR model, and more, the finals of this year.

The IMSS general manager detailed that in Oaxaca the main halazgos had a significant deficit in the number of staff that needed to cover all the shifts, with 5 mil 626 health professionals, of the 927 hospitals with general practitioners, 822 specialists , 3 mil 656 of Nursing and 221 paramedics.

Explanation that in the unit there are 16 General Hospitals, which are the most large, 19 Integral Hospitals, the Mobile Hospitals and a Psychiatric Hospital. Of the Generals, only three with Adult Intensive Currency Units and four Neonatal Intensive Currency Units; of 31 quirófanos, 23 are functional; of 22 expulsion rooms, 16 are in operation; and 32 autoclaves, 15 not functioning.

Zoé Robledo indicates that equipment is identified in the Primer Level as having a deficit of 13 million 573 units of these steam sterilizers, diagnostic stocks and vacuum refrigerators; at Segundo Deficit level is 8 mil 788 teams like tomography, Rayos X, mastographs, steam sterilizers and fans.

Dijo that with these dates take a prime example of the number of inversions, as part of the infrastructure and equipment amounting to 596 million pesos, and that adding 179 million pesos to the necesaria fin to cut all the turns las and the specialists.

Since joining this June 21st, the company has been conducting salutation sessions with the Oaxaca goblin for arranging mediation with processes.

The Director General of Social Security reports that in Nayarit IMSS-BIENESTAR has two months and a half operating the static health system, during which time the productivity has increased in all medical attitudes: 37 per cent of surgeons and 190 per cent consulted by specialty.

Details as of April 1 to June 16 have been opened 14 mil 510 Family Medicine consultations, and thanks to the expansion of space and new equipment in the feces, 693 tomography, 325 mastography, 2 mil 687 radiotherapy sessions, 769 chemotherapy and 213 hemodialysis sessions.

Zoé Robledo aggregate that in Nayarit there are 240 Salut counters installed, 212 educational sessions for patients and families for diagnosis of diarrhea, 62 cases of embryos, 309 days of lymphatics, 32 of which are stable of medicinal plants.

Respecting the spaciousness of the spaceships that establish the function of the environment, the Hospital Basico Community of Las Varas is equipped with a quirfano in the best possible way to perform surgeries by the body of people, medical team of 20 or more specialists, atenciones, about all parts.

The unit has a capacity of 100 per person in the hospital staff and 75 per person in the Primer Level medical units.

Respecting Colima, I know that the infrastructure in progress is being improved, consulting Family Medicine consultants in the hospitals of Manzanillo, Maternal Infant and Ixtlahuacán, as well as departments of Emergency, Social Work, Hospitalization and United Nations.

To ensure that the drug abstraction is concluded with the process of amplification of pharmacies in the hospitals of the Regional University, Maternal Infant and Manzanillo; además, se llevó a cape the reorganization of the Consulta Externa, Hospitalización, áreas de Urgencias, archive, cooker and laundry, which are locked for the purpose of being functional.

Please note that this process does not require the participation of all and sundry, but it is possible to arrange the Pulso’s phone at Salud at 800 9532 213, to find out more about topics that can be found in recipes, quotes, retrospectives alguna atención or any comment that allows me to master the health system. Hourly schedule is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00.

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