advances in the treatment reduce the secondary effects

Professional doctors use continuous monitoring to guarantee a diagnostic template to avoid accidents.

Prostate cancer is an enzyme because it forms malignant cells in the kidneys, presenting symptoms such as having a thick flow of urine and urine with a higher frequency. Photo: Shutterstock.

To weigh the event that is present in the latest seasons, in cases of prostate cancer in Isla, many of the treatments and effective hormonal therapies that provide life-giving healing to patients, in metastatic stages.

“Hoy en día sabemos that there are many new drugs to improve patient supervision, for a metastatic cancer, for example, ayudan and better in calorific value. Ahora, if the patient is young, the impact is doubly high, positive” sostiene el Dr. Gilberto Ruiz Deyá, urologist of the Episcopal Medical Center of San Lucas.

In this case, from Medscape Media, an interview will be conducted about the current behavior at the mundane level of this oncological condition, with the French specialist Dr. Guillaume c, urologist and oncologist at La Croix du Sud Clinic, Toulouse, France, and director of the Prostate Cancer Subcommittee of the French Association of Urology (AFU).

Destroying the advance that tends to investigate the most recent, “our capacity to obtain more accurate magnetic resonance imaging, coupled with the greatest realities in radiological capacitance before interpreting which images have been detected “These advances in magnetic resonance mean that we can identify the most common cancers, which, in turn, have the potential to initiate treatment in patients who do not need it,” said Dr. Ploussard

As a matter of fact, as a preventative measure, even if one of the most important, for patients 40 years or older, with mutations, “can be done in make a detection strategy precision and prevention of prostate cancer: determination of prostatic antigen specific (PSA) and rectal tactics, repeating annually or every 2 years “, consists the specialist.

These advances are given as a result, as the various oncogenic departments are overwhelmed by the demand that the surge of this search be activated, but that a process must be adapted.

El Dr. Guillaume, postula sobre el advance in diagnostic terms and the realization of biopsies, that “the greatest magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate means a more precise localization of the lesions, given that an estimate of its size and extension, which also determines the direction of the biopsy.”

With the advancement of technology, treatments in any type of cancer have changed dramatically, all the while straightening the metastatic stage of this prostate pathology, a factor that has positively affected calidity and life expectancy de los patientes a lo largo de todo el mundo.

“The major exchange rate is the group of ultimate generation hormonal therapies (abiraterone, enzalutamide, apalutamide, darolutamide, among others) that directly target cancer cells in tumors,” said Dr. Ploussard.

Currently, some treatments inhibit the androgen receptor conocides, allowing implants that transform tumor cells into metabolites that are antagonized by limiting their antiandrogenic effects by reducing their concentration.

The specialist determines that for those “castration resistant cases, available in other line treatments such as olaparib (Lynparza), an anti-PARP indicated for patients with BRCA1 / 2 mutations, chemotherapy or radiation therapy vida. “

Hoy por hoy, it contains various treatments in desarrollo, including inclination therapy by radionuclide media, which is based on one of the most prometheres of the most recent ones, although it has not been approved in any way, only in the form of actual of anticipated accesses.

“Approaching the treatment of metastatic cancer resistant to castration is emitted very quickly. It is possible to perform other procedures to evaluate the treatment of the patient in different phases of the patient using it. “The prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), the results of which have been studied and excreted as being in stages more than the membranes of the enzyme,” concluded Dr.