AEW Rampage Results April 29, 2022

Sean is welcome in episode number 39 AEW Rampage, broadcast by TNT and Youtube on the Space TV channel. In this show this week tends as the main attraction the defense of ROH Television Championship by part of Samoa Joe frente a Trent Beretta. Además, Darby Allin y Swerve Strickland lucharán por una opportunidad para formar part of the Owen Hart Tournament.

Lura qualifier for el Owen Hart Tournament: Darby Allin c / Sting vs Swerve Strickland

Ambos forcejean lighters at the beginning of the comb. Darby derriba a su rival y lo encierra ena llave al brazo al brazo. Allin se pulses with the guards to make a maneuver for Swerve lo esquiva, Darby catches a candle to his rival. The action takes place on the ringside, Darby launches and Stunner launches its rival, Darby hits the new launch for Swerve the intercept with a rod. Swerve se sube al filo del rong y connect a patada a su rival. Strickland joins the comb, then on the third floor and connects with a codazo on the rival ladder. Darby was cast on the rock and tried a drop to enclose a boat on the Swerve plateau. Darby can not contain the lava and Swerve recover and apply a Brainbuster. Swerve se sube a la tercera cuerda para lanzarse pero su rival lo esquiva y lo derriba. Darby Allin se sube a la tercera cuerda y se lanza pero Swerve lo intercepta con sus rodillas y le aplica uner superpatada, cubre pero la cuenta llega a dos. Sarbve left Darby on the ring thread and applied a Suplex hacia to the ring views. Ricky Starks enters the scene for Sting to enclose before he can intervene. Travel places return to the quadrillers and Darby corresponding to Swerve with a modified Pin for victory tickets. Ganador and classified: Darby Allin.

Chris Jericho finds himself in the midst of commentators and nada apprentices Santana and Ortiz to attack Jericho.

Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet vs Willow Nightingale, Trish Adora and Sky Blue

Jade and Blue try the action. Rapidly Red Velvet toma el relev y arricona a su rival en su esquina para atacarla. Kiera between action and casting with a path to its rival, Blue recovers for Velvet between auxiliary to its rival. Adora and Jade enter into action, the champion derriiba to their rival, the Adora computers enter the ring for defender quickly for Hogan and Velvet their intercepts. Jade the application of a Jaded a Adora for the victory of victory. Ganandoras: Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet.

Keith Lee vs Colten Gunn c / Austin Gunn

Under the same force as the starting lineup, Lee’s surprise trap with one of his fast-moving goggles is blocked. Keith Lee applied a double-edged sword to Colten, and Colten just applied it to escape. Austin Gunn distracts Lee and lo hace rebotar contra las cuerdas, Colten aprovecha y golpea a su rival, arrincona a Lee para castigarlo pero rapidamente Lee se recupera y derriba en repetidas ocasiones al miembro del Gunn Club. Colten se recuperates and searches for a Fameasser by Keith who escapes and applies the Big Bang Catastrophe to the flames of victory. Ganador: Keith Lee.

Danhausen enter the scene to launch a reto a Hook, who respond quickly and enter the ring to enter Danhausen. Hook the child who wants to kiss now. Mark Sterling interrumpe el careo y Tony Nesse enter the ring to attack the locksmiths, Sterling se pere Hook se recupera manda a las afueras del ring a Sterling y Nesse. Danhausen treats his rivals to Sterling and Nesse for their money. Danhausen le onrece la mano a Hook pero este lo rechaza y se va.

ROH Television Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Trent Beretta c / Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor

Beretta trata de encerrar en un candado a Samoa pero rapidly se libera y derriba a Trent. Samoa connects one golpes and machetazos to its rival, Trent goes to the ringside to recover, Samoa launches against Pel Trent lo esquiva. Trending with a Moosault against Samoa and applying a mock-up in the alleys of the ring, Samoa recovers and defeats a rival with a path. The action takes place in the ring, Samoa derriba to its rival and the application of a mock and golpes. Samoa is anchored in the trunk of Trent, which quickly recovers from being taken by Samoa. Do not try to recover from the Samoan thieves who apply one of the four cataracts to be released. Joe encierra en una lava a Trent y lo derriba. You just have to apply a Powerbomb to Trent to recover and mandate Joe in the ring. Beretta launched against Samoa in the ring views. The ring return action, Trent surprised Joe with a derivative and the application of a DDT Tornado, searching for the current through the exit. Only recover and apply a Powerbommb to its rival, apply a STF per Trent place in the skin. Samoa intimida a ri rival with one golpes, Trent responds with a mashetazo pero Samoa lo derriba, va en busca del Muscle Buster pero Trent lo esquiva. Bertta treats Joe lo violently derives and applies a Coquina Clutch to the victories. Ganador y aún campeón: Samoa Joe.

To finalize the combo, Samoa Joe and Trent Beretta are given the respect in hand. Joe was quickly interviewed and interrupted by Jay Lethal, Sanjay Dutt and Santam Singh. Orange Cassidy encara a Singh pero Jay Lethal lo derriba. The action took place in the ring, lethal attack on Joe, along with AEW officials and officials to place an order. The final segment with Lethal and Joe being attacked by detonators sent by the Orbiters.

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