AEW Rampage Results June 10, 2022

Sean is welcome in episode number 45 AEW Rampage, broadcast by TNT and Youtube on the Space TV channel. In this show it tends to be the main attraction between the teams formed by FTR and Trent Beretta contra Will Ospreay y Aussie Open . Además, Jake Hager se enfrentará a Eddie Kingston y Red Velvet combatirá contra Kris Statlander in the night show.

Eddie Kingston vs Jack Hager

We have intercambian light bulbs at the beginning of the comb. Hager derriba a rival y lo manda a las afueras del ring. Kingston recovers and applies some machetes, without embargo, Hager repones and regression action on the ring. Hager atrapa a rival en una lava pero Kingston swe libera. The action takes place on the ring, Kingston trta to apply a Suplex per Hager the block and the new mandate in the ring. Hager le koloca la rodilla en la cara de su rival, Kingston se libera agarrando las intimas de Hager. Eddie treatise pero Hager lo golpea, ambos intercambian golpes. Kingston gets into trouble with his rival, the application of one of Hger lo derriba. If launched from the armpit and the sole is attached to each other, try to apply the Ankle Lock through Kingston to block and apply an Exploder Suplex. If you have recovered and you are looking for the third porridge account but it is not safe. Hager to apply the Ankle Lock to his rival, Kingston advises to keep it safe. If he reaches Kingston and applies a series of Kingston goalposts he recovers and applies a Powerbomb and connects to a pair of goggles for the victory. Ganador: Eddie Kingston.

Tras bastidores, Britt Baker is interviewed by Jamie Hayter and Rebel. Britt sends an advertisement message to Toni Storm, also provided that the ‘Team DMD’ consolidates the Championship against Storm.

Santnum Singh y Jay Lethal c / Sonjay Dutt vs Davey Vega y Matt Fitchett

Let Singh release the start of the comb. Fitchett trata de golpearlo pero Singh lo derriba y le aplica un machetazo. Vega entra ayudar a su compañero pero Singh los derriba a ambos. Jay Lethal in action and application of Lethal Injection to its rivals at full speed to win Victoria. Ganadores: Santnum Singh and Jay Lethal

Tras el combate, Lethal, Singh y Dutt continent el ataque a sus rivales. Singh the Fitchett Powerbomb application to finalize it.

Watch a video of Danhausen in a golf cart that Hook finds in a state-of-the-art vehicle.

Red Velvet c / Kiera Hogan y Jade Cargill vs Kris Statlander

Velvet trata de atacar a Kris en su entrada pero Statlander la derriba. Kris lo golpea contra el filo del quadrilátero, la campana suena officially. Kris attacks the armpit with his rival and mandate the Velvet on the ringside. Kris connects one of the shots against the ring against his rival, Velvet applying a float to Kris’s head, which goes into the box and launches against the ring. Velvet se recupera y derriba a Kris, castiga la pierna izquierda de su rival. Velvet arrincona a rival and the application of a pathos on the rock, trace this application a dormilona pero Kris se escapa. Backbreaker by part of Velvet, Kris treats reincorporators for Velvet the derby with a pair of shoes. Velvet turns into a lava a rival pero Kris se recuperates and connects one golpes. Kris manda against el esquinero a su ri rival y la castiga con unos golpes y embestidas. Kris applied a Blue Thundeer Bomb but it is not enough for the current price. Velvet se recuperates and trades to apply a Roll-Up by Kris to revise and apply a German Suplex. Kris levanta a su vera pero Velvet se sale y la manda contra las cuerdas para empujarla con sus rodillas. Velvet se sube al esquinero y connecte cun un Cutter. Velvet trata to apply a patadas pero Kris the block and connect a buffet, this is the application of a modified Piledriver for the victory of victory. Ganadora Kris Statlander.

Tras el combate, Kiera Hogan enter the ring to attack Kris, the mandate on the ring in two Jade the recipient with a path. Anna Jay enter the scene to attack Kiera pero Velvet the interpreter and ambassadors attack on Anna. Athenas enter the scene to balance the forces on the orbiters of the various fields such as Jade, Kiera and Velvet.

FTR (Cash Wheeler y Dax Harwood) y Trent Beretta vs Will Ospreay y Aussie Open (Mark Davis y Kyle Fletcher)

Harwood and Ospreay share the action, forcing them to start combining. Dax connects a pair of machetazos and Wheeler from the release. Ospreay derriba a su ri ri, sin embargo, Cash lo derriba rapidamente. Fletcher entra in action derriba to Cash, Davis entra in action. Davis derriba rapidly to Cash y Beretta from the release, ambos intercambian goals per Davis se impone por su fuerza. Ospreay enters into action and connects to a model in the pool, but Beretta recovers and applies DDT to its rival. FTR bag to Aussie Open del Ring and Beretta launched against Ospreay hacia el ringside. Davis and Fletcher try to attack Trent, Ospreay recovers and then attacks Beretta. tras esto le aplica una lave a la cabeza. Ospreay to release and track Trent in a single song. Ospreay connected one of his berets and codazos beretta se recupera y lo derriba. Fletcher quickly enters to avoid Beretta’s release by her rival in the derby. Davis left the train and drove to Trent for what was not the FTR release. Fletcher enters again and attacks Beretta on his sword against his rival and defeats him, Trent finally releasing him. Harwood set off and landed at the Aussie Open, the Fletcher and Wheeler Suplex application was released to the continent. Fletcher trata de contraatacar pero Cash lo impide, Davis entra para atacar a su rival. Aussie Open logra apply a maneuver to the Wheeler and Ospreay to release it from the launch pad. Ospreay pulses with the covers to apply a Cash Cutter to escape from the threshold. Wheeler advises the release of Trent, which interferes with Fletcher and imposes persuasion. Ospreay enter into action, derive Cash and launch against Dax and Trent in the aftermath of the ring. Trent and Fletcher appear in the ring, Beretta advises imposing to conquer victory for her team. Ganadores: FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) and Trent Beretta.

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