AEW Rampage Results June 24, 2022

Sean Welcome to Episode No. 47 AEW Rampage, broadcast by TNT and Youtube on the Space TV channel. In this show this week tends to be the main attraction of the room Andrade El Idolo y Rey Fenix. Además, Cash Wheeler se enfrenta a Jeff Cobb.

Andrade El Idolo vs Rey Fenix

They also show off their athletic capacities at the back of the team. Andrade imposes himself with a Huracarrana, Phoenix recuperates and casts himself on the rock and his rival, Adrade responds with a codazos. We put forceps in the center of the ring, Andrade to vent and apply the Suplex seguidos, search for the Fenox blocker and apply the Suplex seguidos. Fenix ​​jumping on the fence, Andrade escapes the ring on Fenox the impact. Fenix ​​trawl newly launched for Andrade the block, trawl for applying a Fenix ​​float to the application of a German Suplex. Phoenix bushes altura nuec¿vamente pero andrade lo empuja hacia las afueras del ring. Andrade launches against metal ladders and its rival. The action flies to the ring, Andrade encircles his rival in a candle and the derby, El Idolo crawls all the way to Phoenix in the gulf, as force-bearers on the boat. Andrade deriba to Phoenix and connected a double piston. Phoenix recuperates and derives its rival, its pulse from its shells to connect to a Dropkicks and the application of a Cutter to Andrade pero is not sufficient for the victory of victory. Phoenix launches with a Frog Splash for Andrade lo intercepts with its rodillas. As intercambian luchadores golpes in the center of the ring, Fenix ​​is ​​pushing and pushing allure through Andrade lo derriba. Andrade rolls over his rival in the ring post, bouncing off the railing rod, posteriorly Phoenix launches against his rival. Phoenix flew to Andrade in the center of the ring, then to the boat and launched to Andrade the boat. Phoenix is ​​launched by its rival against ring protection, as it flies to the square. Andrade’s a rival to the Phoenix spinning block and launch from the third level. In a daze Andrade buscaba golpear with a tablet to its rival, as an embargo, the orbit avoids and sets intercambian ball bearings, the companions of the batteries discuten in the ring. Phoenix launched against Andrade pero Rush hace your app to AEW to attack Phoenix, Andrade approves the moment and applies its modified DDT to win the victory. Ganador: Andrade El Idolo.

Tras el combate, Andrade y Rush se unen y se colocan un camiseta de Los Ingobernables. Ambo continan el atque anti Fenix ​​y quitan la máscara, sin embargo, Penta Oscuro entra escena para defender Fenix.

To watch a video of Eddie Kingston on the sidelines, Eddie has a chance on the Forbidden Door event and Chris Jericho sponsored the event AEW Blood and Guts.

Throwing bats, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland have their way on Forbidden Door against Desperado and Yoshinibu Kanemaru.

Serena Deeb y Mercedes Martinez vs Laynie Luck y Sierra

Sierra and Serena share the action. Serena dominates the comb, Laynie from the relevance, Serena hac lo mismo. Martinez quickly derives his rival and Serena from the release to apply a ranking boat to the rival’s lane, Laynie llogar a las guerdas. Mercedes enters into action and casts with one goal to its rival, Serena enters into action and derivation to Sierra’s Line. Mercedes gave the release and cast to Laynie junto and its compa .era. Martinez advises hacer rendir a su opponents to victoria la victoria, Serena hizo lo propio con Sierra para detenerla. Ganadoras: Serena Deeb and Mercedes Martinez.

Hook vs The DKC

Hook up quickly to your opponent and apply a float to the side. The DKC lelega a las cuerdas. Hook the continent on the rock but he rivals to recover and connects one goal against Hook on the rock. Hook logra recuperarse y derriba a su rival. Hook connects to one of the goals and leaves the victory with a Sleeper Hold. Ganador: Hook.

Jeff Cobb vs Cash Wheeler

Ambos forcejean lighters at the beginning of the comb. Jeff and Cash impacted a series of actions, showing their physical prowess, while Wheeler was able to sing to a rival. Cobb se libera y derriba a Cash y lo lanza contra las cuerdas. The action is traced to the ring, Cobb launches against the protection of his rival and impact with the ring post, Cash responds with a model, without embargo, Cobb derriba nuevamente. The action takes place in the ring, Cobb dominates the comb, and the application of Standing Suplex in Cash. Cobb holds the cast against his rival and applies a float to the spike against Cash per Wheeler transforms it into a Sleeper Hold, Cobb moves against the rock. Ambacambian golf goals, Cash assurance windshield and safety assurance to rival your ring views, Cash launches against el. Cobb trat de contraratacar, ambos se suben al esquinero, Cash consigue aplicar un Powerbomb a su rival. Cobb recovers and derives the Wheeler pero Csah connects one golps and trawl to apply a perch float Cobb impedes and applies a Tour of the Islands to fly to victory. Ganador: Jeff Cobb.

Track the Great O Khan, Dax Harwood apparatus between scenes for defender and his computer. Aussie Open and Will Ospreay have been hired to attack FTR, Orange Cassidy has also been hired to attack Ospreay. By the way, Eddie Kingston attacked Chris Jericho, the arbitrators were separated, Jericho escaped.

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