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(CNN) – China introduces definite means in all the great cities, Beijing and Shanghai, the great engines that pulse the big part of the nation’s economy, in an intransigent intent with acabar with the covid-19 brothers.

Shanghai is at the center of the latest ship, reporting more than 10,000 new cases per day. Authorities responded with confidence in all of the city, which lasted two weeks, enclosing all 25 million residents of the open-air funded center in their homes or homes.

Tanto, the Beijing authorities launch a massive probation operation, carry out schools and impose specific constituents on the original residential units in a deliberate but controlled manner. These actions have the effect of being more amplified similar to Shanghai.

Away from the pandemic, China adheres to a strong strategic strategy that uses confinements, masses, currents and front lines to contain the virus. Pero the league of the Imicron variant, altogether infertile, has to do with doubling the stability of that strategy, that the virus propagates to different cities and provinces more rapidly than the one that contains the container.

Authorities are now applying total or partial confinement in at least 27 cities across the country, and these restrictions affect up to 165 million people, according to CNN calculations.

This is what sabs saber about the situation of covid-19 in China.

165 million people were affected by the confinements in China.  This is what saber debes

Traders looking for a dental complex from a residential complex in Changchun, China, on April 19th.

¿Where are the confinements and restrictions?

Cases in China will be launched in March, and will soon be confirmed by the brigade that has been part of Wuhan’s initials since 2020.

The northeastern province of Jilin is very affected during the first stages of the year. On March 11, the authorities pushed the provincial capital, Changchun, an industrial center, very strictly close to the city, and the city center of Jilin was closed until March 21.

You, the Changchun authorities and the city of Jilin, which have a combined population of more than 13.5 million inhabitants, it seems that they have gradually started to catch the confinement, although it is not clear what to do next. to allow people to get out of bed.

The authorities are bounded by a variety of other cities, including the main economic center of Shenzhen, in the margins, with a bunch of media being leveraged from one entity.

Shanghai, which has been registered more than a million times a day since March 1, introduces a rather escalating escalator rather than me. It’s amazing expanding to a total length in all the cities in the finals.

Panic purchases in Beijing on the basis of positive possibilities 0:54

Algunos vecindarios can help to find the media of confinement if he has not been informed of the cases in the Ultimatums of Semenas, he knows the authorities of Shanghai, but he is a free liberty, with the intention of finding something new

In Beijing, a massive refugee camp covers about 20 million residents, accounting for up to 90% of the city’s population. Se plana otra ronda de pruebas en toda la ciudad del 27 al 30 de april.

Selective occupants in the Chaoyang district of Beijing are now available to all residents of 13 apartment units or to other residents of 33 units of residential complexes.

Capital goes to schools in many of the districts most populated by young people. Various important hospitals receive announcements that they have been operated, and they have been ordered to have a critical number of internships, including movies.

The total area or district are mostly located in more than a dozen cities, including Hangzhou, with a population of 12.2 million; Suzhou, with 12.7 million people, and Harbin, with 9.5 million people. Abarca 14 provinces, from the south east province of Heilongjiang hasta sur sur Guangxi and the mountainous western province of Qinghai.

Residents bajo confinamiento hacen fila bajo la lluvia para las pruebas de covid-19 en Beijing el 27 de april.

Ó What is screw in confinement?

Gran part of Shanghai’s confinement is characterized by chaos and dysfunction, which provokes alarm in other cities that tend to be close.

Residents often have access to food escalators, access folders, medical services, small air conditioners in makeshift living quarters and long-distance means, as well as separate authorities from infected individuals.

In March, a service nurse in Shanghai desperately wanted to recover from an emergency room at a hospital hospital set up for disinfection. From the principles of April, a tracer from the mattress to the socks and a rope despised by a positive result due to the body. The muerte fue capturada por una cámara. Según los informes, la semana pasada, los trabajadores derribaron la porter de la cashe de unje majeri 92 aios en las primras hora de la mañana para obligarla a ponerse en cuarentena.

Video about the confinement in Shanghai that Gobierno chino prohíbe ver 4:08

There are many stories and rumors that have gone viral in Chinese social networks, which have provoked a rare online protest.

You are also informed about similar stories from other parts of the country. In March, students from a cradle university in Jilin’s city began to wonder if the Habibans were only interested in basic sciences. In March, many Changchun residents reported that they only had failures to obtain medical attention for patients with no contact with covid-19, such as cancer or renal affective disorders, and hospitals were recovering patients.

These incidents, particularly in Shanghai, took place at a much faster pace as the most modern and cosmopolitan city of China, having the gentile alert alert in other places.

Aunque Beijing aún tien that restring the mobility of their persons firing from their many high-altitude designs, many residents, because they produce a more amplified cue, commensurate the panic attack of the semana, forming far away from it the supermercados and vacant los estantes.

What is the economic cost?

The constituents and constraints have been severely affected by activity, especially in economically important cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The sample is set to a maximum of 21 months in March. Many companies are obliged to suspend their operations in various places, including Volkswagen and Tesla car manufacturers and the iPhone Pegatron assembler. The Chinese currency, the yuan, is rapidly depreciating this week, reaching its highest level since November 2020.

Hay señales de que los èder’s Chinese también están nervuzos. In March, President Xi Jinping said China should “minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development.” On Tuesday, Xi set up a “total” infrastructure project to promote the growth, inusual pain for Chinese leaders, who rarely build economically detailed planes, and generally work like Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

The Chinese government is “largely conscious of the economy”, said Jörg Wuttke, president of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. Cite a private reunion with a Chinese ministry, but deny the number of dependencies.

“Eston preoccupied per el demempleo”, agregó. “The preoccupations that foreign companies pongan dinero in other part”.

Residents hacked fila for las covid-19 during a trip to Shanghai on April 27th.

¿Why is China pursuing its own strategy?

Weighing in at least some of the dead ends and a number of deaths that will be felt relatively recently is the ultimate goal, the authorities and the end media have indicated that China’s hard-core policy has not changed.

Shanghai’s grave situation “supports the independence of the apparatus from the dynamic politics of cero covid”, according to the nationalist tabloid Global Times.

“Si Shanghái, dotada del mejor sisteme medika del país, necesita urgently ayuda para enfrener un cremero’s numerje casos graves, ¿quién estarë para afera offer other parts of China tambien tienen que luchar contra el atke del coronirus?

There are many reasons why China is pushing its strategy so hard. Much of Chinese leaders and scientists have expressed concern that the relationship between their restrictions allows the virus to propagate through the country, which causes a cause of infertility and deaths and abuses through the system especially las bajas vacasation bowl between the ankles.

¿Why does the vaccine exist, does China insist on the confinement? 3:01

If China is the center of enormous resources in the field and the construction of local vacancies, there is no guarantee that it will be left in the arms of the ancillary population. Now, although the authorities have the expectation that the mortality rates in the country will be mandated, there are no remedies that can be found in the confinements to protect the vulnerable.

There is also a political element, with Xi pounding his personal firm signature on the policy of covid enduring pandemic. The central government has increased its frequency with the official number of deaths as evidence of its effectiveness and to pull out its claims of superiority over the Western governments.

He personally reiterated his concern for the strategy of enduring the pandemic, affirming that he took the example of China’s salvage compromise “all the human lives”, which hay much more in the game now that the bullet hole but the container virus, sostener the taboo economy and calmer the public discount.

And for Xi, at a particularly delicate moment, halfway through your wait after a third term is set without precedent.

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