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Ya previamente hemos hablado sobre Katrina Leonoudakisan English translator of the manga and anime industry that is characterized by having a comment about “inclusion and diversity in translations“, Affirming that the work of”localization“Is required to record at this time aspects of the event”after modifying the original story“. But in this case we do not come to the news about these topics, but also to declare that we love it, or that affirm that SPY x FAMILY no series is the myth that is popular now as it does not work for “the great work of translation and localization“.

Leonoudakis makes a comment to share an update on Twitter, and write: «It seems that SPY x FAMILY does not tend to have the excitement of being in Occidente without Michelle Tymon’s absolute translation. Anya’s discourse perfectly captures her humorous moments and characterization».

More adelante intentó hacer “day control”Changing the theme and affirming that the debauchery pays more to the translators who participate in a series that is more than just excited. It is said that they pay more than the algebra that translates SPY x FAMILY that alguine that translates other works with popular popularity, as Dance Dance Dancer o Paripi Koumei: «Michelle has great talent and is passionate about it. It is a penny that does not pay more than the amount of work and ability that is offered every week for this enormous series and more. (Yes, we do not try to treat it as a series of primers as it is very specialized)», Escribió.

For the following and how is it common, if your post has any comments:

  • «“SPY x FAMILY” has, literally, one of the manga shows shone more by volume, like the Top 3, lasting a variety of years and popular series by weight. The absolute arrogance of this person is to think that the aggregate literally qualifies as it is».
  • «How to become a translator, recording the credit of others».
  • «Follow the locators of “SPY x FAMILY” as far as Anya is concerned. Do not include references to other people, as I have been trying to decipher the number and subtitles.».
  • «Í As the original creator, animators, editors, train actors, companies and all the individual demos participating in “SPY x FAMILYDo you represent the only part of this program that is popular? With or without your friend is this popular program. This comment only shows a humiliation error».
  • «This is a surefire way to get word of mouth that is popular. The easy translation that the gentleman could have taken place in other idioms, but it is absurd to think that the translation of any kind is due to the cause of its existence».
  • «El manga ya era muy popular y el anime era muy esperado. The contribution of the translation is insignificant, as far as you and your family are concerned.».
  • «Do you know and understand this in terms of subtitles? The arrogance here is asombros. Popular porque is a genius story, sana y bien animada. No por un doblaje de mierda».
  • «After translating haya ayudado al jómic Japanese, it is important to listen to the critics. Definitely, in the future tense translate correctly the porcelain manga, as clients that pagan, queremos that our dinero wave the pen. Al localizarlo, me desanima a comprarlo».
  • «Imagine deciding with irony that an anime in Hebrew has never been fired by a translator».
  • «In my opinion, it is an exaggerated ploy to say that a single person should take away the merit of a popular sea program».
  • «Attribute 50% of the success of a program to a single person in which it is an enormous use of the team is a small image, regardless of its intentions».

Synopsis of SPY x FAMILY

For the concomitant agent as “Twilight”, the order is unmasked as high as it should in the fall. Operating as the Spanish master of Westalis, Twilight desperately seeks to avoid the extremists wanting a war with the only country in Ostan. For the ultimate mission, you must investigate the politics of Ostania Donovan Desmond infiltrating the school of your shadow: the prestigious Academia Eden. As, the agent approaching the most different carrera tarea: casarse, tener un hijo y jugar a la familia.

Twilight, the “Loid Forger”, quickly adopted the humble Anya to interpret the picture of a shadow of her and a student of the University of Eden. As soon as you meet Yor Briar, a distraught officer who needs a pair of fins to impress his friends. Without embargo, Loid is not the only one with an occult nature. You are in reality the lethal ass “Thorn Princess” y, para ella, casarse con Loid crea la tapadera perfecta. Mentras tanto, Anya is not the correct girl who looks like; ella is a Esper, the product of secret experiments that allow it to the mind. After discovering their true identities, ya Anya is finding that their new fathers are secret agents of genius! Ella nunca les diría, por supuesto. Eso arruinaría la diversion.

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