AIFA provides 25 million pesos for 9 months of health insurance

It: Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) will pay 25 million 56 thousand pesos for a nine-month contract for medical care at the facilities of the new air terminal in the city of Zumpango, Mexico.

LA-007HZI99 9 -E9-2022 were recognized as the winners of the competition. Atlantis Health Services OperatorSA de CV and Challenge Consulting, SC, who came together and presented the most suitable feasibility study.

These companies have acquired millionaire contracts in the current administration.

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This year, Atlantis Operadora Servicios de Salud և Challenge Consulting received a multi-year contract from the Institute for the Return of the Stolen (Indep) to provide “comprehensive medical services to the body and its already trusted retirees from the Luz y Fuerza del Centro.” en residence.

The contract from February 2022 to February 2023 amounts to 53.78 million pesos.

In general, they were seven companies those who have made economic proposals. ABC Sivmed, SA de CV, offered 55 million 680 thousand pesos; Atlantis Operadora Servicios de Salud, SA de CV, collected 25 million 56 thousand pesos; Diprem MX, SA de CV, 12 million 528 thousand pesos; Hospitium Solutions, SA de CV, 23 million 934 thousand pesos.

Business Intelligence Systems, SA de CV, 29 million 971 thousand pesos; Integral and Commercial Services Atlacomulco SA de CV, 27 million 132 thousand pesos, և Tecrom SA de CV, 57 million 166 thousand pesos.

It: Medical service contract It is planned for nine months for the facilities of the new Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), which came into force on April 1, 2022 and will end on December 31.

In the competition: AIFA: He noted that he is looking for a comprehensive pre-hospital medical service, the priority of which will be emergency care և emergency medical care, as well as all situations that require service at airport facilities, including emergency և / or emergency medical care. Aircraft, aircraft, restricted areas և AIFA public areas.

The document clarifies that by the order of the President, AIFA started its activities on March 21, 2022, assumes the transfer of 19.5 million passengers a year, 119,571 commercial activities in the first phase of 2022-2036.

“Which would be a direct relative risk to the medical care needs of passengers, users and staff operating at this international airport?” This presupposes the maintenance of an optimal capacity for permanent response to emergencies resulting from all types of air operations, such as accidents or incidents inherent in airport operations. ”

It is stated that the service will be provided at the facilities of Felipe Angeles International Airport, which has an area of ​​3740 hectares, which includes runways, taxis, three-stage passenger terminal building, platform, aircraft parking, roads, parking in public places, shopping center. hangars, fuel, cargo և customs terminals, among other AIFA areas.

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According to the care description: AIFA Medical Service must follow up on urgent emergencies for passengers, users, and staff that may occur at any AIFA location.

“Therefore, it must be ready, ready, to give an immediate, effective, quality response in accordance with the regulations adopted by the organization. National Center for Technological Excellence in Healthcare “(Cenetec) և / or the American Heart Association (AHA) on a 24-hour schedule,” the statement said.

The service will be divided into five types. Pre-hospital emergency medical care, which will be classified according to the priority red, yellow, green և codes (dead patient). Mass emergency, which includes situations such as floods, earthquakes, plane crashes or fires, acts of unlawful interference, etc.

The third type is epidemiological emergencies, which include the presence or arrival of a person with an infectious disease, which implies a public health emergency of international significance. A blue code record when a patient seeks emergency care for an acute myocardial infarction, ventricular fibrillation, or sudden cardiac arrest. The fifth is the “n” protocol in case of a dead patient.

In addition, an ambulance service is required for care units that must have a doctor, two pre-hospital care technicians, an ambulance operator who must be a pre-hospital care technician, have an E-type driver’s license, or the like. .

AIFA will relocate the applicant to two offices located at level 10.50 of the direct terminal building, as well as medical equipment such as a cold rolling bed, a hard bed, a clinical desk, a wall pressure gauge, a first aid kit, an ambulance, an external carriage Defibrillator, trauma backpack, stethoscope, among others.

It: medicines և medical supplies The company that won the tender will bear the need.

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