Alberto Fernández, a Biden: “Ser país anfitrión no otorga la capacitad de de impono un derij den de admión” | International

The Cumberlade of America does not allow the flight to take off and the controversy over the list of invitations. In the first plenary session, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, offered a stage of cooperation in alliance with the post’s post, Donald Trump, being met with criticism from the President of Argentina, Alberto Ferná. , the other figure at the top of the page above: “Ser país anfitrión no otorga la capacidad de imponer un derijo de admission”, has been sent from Biden atrium, sent one meter away.

Fernández’s intervention is nevertheless critical of the United States party in the region’s policy. On the other hand, Cumbre, the president of Argentina, insisted on the principle of his discourse. “As long as we do not have to present all that we have to do”, there are some prime words. Refer to the veto imposed by Washington on the presence of the Cuban, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan governors by treating non-democratic regimes. This veto has been provoked since Cumbre’s overthrew the presidents of Mexico, Bolivia and Honduras and many more critics. The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, fucked Fernández who left Venezuela on the train.

Alberto Fernández saluda a Joe Biden, este jueves.
Alberto Fernández saluda a Joe Biden, este jueves. PATRICK T. FALLON (AFP)

Critically criticizing the sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, the Argentine president said to the cargo: The silence of the listeners in the interpellation. Because it does not want to be sued, it must be sent to the future where the Cumber’s pa’s pacifier does not open the capacity to impose an ‘admission degree’ on the continent’s parts. “Dialogue in diversity is the best instrument for promoting democracy, modernization and the struggle against inequality.”

Fernández hailed Biden’s Gobierno’s “fringe fashion” trace of Donald Trump’s “intentional politics” for the region. “It’s time to change these basic policies and the two countries.”

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The Argentine president has raised the profile of the totalitarian politics of Latin American hacienda. It is alleged that the US used “like a gendarme to facilitate a bay from the State of Bolivia”, that the United States “appropriated” the direction of Banco Intearericano de Desarrollo (BID), historically in Latin American languages. Trump was accused of derailing Cuba and intervening against the FMI to facilitate Macri Gobierno’s incommensurable and treacherous education, which led to the election: He reformed the OEA, targeting its directorates (its secretary general is Luis Almagro) and also capitalizing on BID and converting it to Latin American manos.

Fernández, who was reproducing a tibia responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and questioning the nature of the sanctions, said that “urgent negotiation scenarios are being constructed that the pong fin and the catastrophic nucleus, the humiliation of the dominion geopolitics dehumanized us privileges of violence ”. No condensation words were pronounced after the invasion. It is intended to engrave with impositions “the unpaid rent which the war entails as a rule of large corporations of food, oil and armaments”.

More adeptly, in reference to its diplomatic complaint about the Malvinas Islands, it is stated that Argentina is a pacifist country:

“President Biden, we are here to build points and build walls,” he said, referring to the intervention, which Biden invoked at the close of Celac, the Commonwealth of Latin American States and the Caribbean, the president of turn.

Biden and acuerdo en lo essential

President Biden preferred to see the following media message: on migration, environment, financing and recovery.

In anticipation of the plenary session aperture intervention, Biden was shocked that the proposals for the region were a blow to Trump. The President of the United States offers economic, commercial, food, sanitation and environmental cooperation, as a form of promoting the development and prevention of harassment in the face of the migration crisis, in order to ensure that there is a declaration of accountability.

Joe Biden, during his speech at the Plenary Session of the Cumberland of America is young.
Joe Biden, during his speech at the Plenary Session of the Cumberland of America is young.CHANDAN KHANNA (AFP)

“We have the opportunity to find the best ways to find the right person for you, looking for young people. Y subrayo lo de juntos, juntos. This is what our sister is waiting for. “It’s not enough to sample the power of the democracies to gather when the democracies are working together,” he said, reiterating the glow of the unity of the viceroy, in the inaugural ceremony, by saying that it is a unity.

Biden refers to the Declaration on Migration and Protection that the firm is successful in, stating that it is objective to “provide opportunities for safe migration and ordering, recording media against offenders and traffickers and coordinate specific specific actions to secure fronts and resolve common areas ”.

“I do not agree with the fact that the Occidental Hemisphere does not offer the most progressive, more democratic, more prosperous, more pacifist and more secure regions. We have an unlimited potential. We have enormous resources and democratic spirit “, concluded the intervention. “No imports that have been made in the world, the United States always has a priority over the United States.”

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