Alberto Fernández invites Sergio Massa to join the Cumbre of America

Alberto Fernández ingresa at Casa Rosada with a sonrisa, al igual que Sergio Massa, sube a la kamioneta que lo lvarev al Congreso (Photo: Luciano Gonzáles)
Alberto Fernández ingresa at Casa Rosada with a sonrisa, al igual que Sergio Massa, sube a la kamioneta que lo lvarev al Congreso (Photo: Luciano Gonzáles)

The president Alberto Fernández invitó al titular de la Cámara de Diputados, Sergio Massaa la Cumbre of the Americas which takes place this week in Los Angeles, United States, from the present tense to the present tense. the Minister of Productivity, Matthias Kulfas, who was republished by Daniel Scioli.

The ex function Kulfas será recibido por Fernández alrededor de las 4 de la tarde.

Fernández mantuvo en duda is on his way to the United States and says to confirm the charge of a telephone charging with it by estadounidense, Joe Biden the following week’s the organizers of the invitations to other countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. If the masses agree on the parliamentary agenda of this week, integrate the presidential committees. In Diputados he used to debate the mercenaries one of the impulsive topics by the opposition of Juntos by Cambio, as it is the only Electronic Boleta.

Mass passing through is the medium, at 12.42, at Casa Rosada in the truck where it is habitually shuffled by the state of the State, which all uses both helicopter (which suffers from a defect in its techo) before moving. Playing an interchange of words that take less than a minute in the explanation of the governing body, Mass to retaliate against Congress.

(Luciano Gonzáles)
(Luciano Gonzáles)

Located in Olivos of this area, Fernández and Massa ensures dialogue of the preparations to be announced in Rosada by the project of Leu de Impuesto a la Renta Inesperada and también acerca del cimbronazo politik that significance the salida de Kulfas del gobierno. Ya se habían reunido el sábado por la tarde en el mismo lugar. The State Department believes that if it deserves to be reprinted from the title of the Desarrollo Productivity cartel, Vice President Cristina Kirchner will ask the Minister for information on whether or not to refer to the gas station.

His scapegoat, Scioli, the current ambassador to Brazil, has a long way to go. There is a confusing situation with limits and other aspects that the value is that which is acutumbrado to the brother with Cristina Kirchner, who the recipient hacks little dice in the dispatch of Senado. Además, destacan que the future minister has a relationship with the Production Cart, with the fact that in some places the topics are covered in the bilateral agenda with Brazil while they are as ambassadors. From the diplomatic seat in Brazil there is an acceptable relationship with Jair Bolsonaro, enraptured by the ideological antipodes of peronism.

Without embargo, the mass of the masses will announce that the candidacy of the President is not a convenient opportunity. The enema en Massa with Scioli seen from leos, from 2013, led by Frente Renovador’s confession to a political front in Mauritius Macri to overthrow in the legislative choices of the essay the officialism that enchanted Cristina Kirchner. Scioli do not intend to form a coalition out of all of this and do not recompense. El Sobado Massa does not agree with the rumbo that había determines Fernández.

Now, as Massa competes against the incumbent in Los Angeles, the mandate is based on the challenges and attitudes. Alberto Fernández, who presided over the CELAC (Commonwealth of Latin American and Caribbean States) to send a critical message to the exclusions that Biden decided to take, abhorred by a Latin American united and united of the continent.

The Chancellor Santiago Cafiero, who is one of the members of the Argentine delegation to the United States, which is part of Buenos Aires on Tuesday 7 or 23, reiterated his support for the radial declarations that the government is without exclusion ”.

”It’s clear that some of us have been communicating with our organizers for a long time: that in this time of inertia, of the global product crisis of the pandemic and of the war and its consequences, we have not been able to expansion space where you can talk about the diversity and respect, because they are all in the middle mass“, Profundizó Cafiero and destacó that CELAC is” a force without exclusions, in which it is inadvertently out of all sorts “.


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