Alberto Fernández regresses Los Angeles with Joseph Biden’s respite and city urgency inflation

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez arrives before a dinner, during the ninth Summit of the Americas, in Malibu, near Los Angeles, California, US June 9, 2022. REUTERS / Daniel Becerril
Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez arrives before a dinner, during the ninth Summit of the Americas, in Malibu, near Los Angeles, California, US June 9, 2022. REUTERS / Daniel Becerril

Alberto Fernández in Buenos Aires takes part in the American-led coalition organized by the United States. The President advertised in the regional forum for the exclusions of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and plant a route to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the illegal warfare of Russia against Ukraine.

Young people Alberto Fern yndez and Fabiola Yañez stay at Villa Getty in Malibú. Walking through the Casa Blanca protocol, the state of the state can be found at Juan GonzálezBiden Security concessionaire for Latin America.

-Juan, ustedes me deberían agradecer-, commented Alberto Fernández, tras los saludos de rigor.

-But who? -Replied Gonzalez with a sonic assassination.

-Hice campaign in favor of Biden, questioning Trump. Por eso…

-Ok. Gracias-, cerró el asesor de Biden sin perder la sonrisa.

President Trump’s presidential position on the issue of empathy in Salon Oval, Biden and his security contenders claim that Alberto Fern contndez is in control of the dictators Nicolás Maduro, Miguel Díaz-Canel y Daniel Ortega and canceled conversations about nuclear power plants and 5G technology with Xi Jinping, leader of China and its Communist Party.

The State Department has sought to satisfy Washington’s geopolitical demands on Beijing: it only wants to use the tactics of dilation, as China does, which seeks to respect human rights and allow access to Occidental information.

With the Chinese flannel under construction, Alberto Fernández tends to differ from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Introduce a realistic entourage by debating with Biden at Casa Blanca the concept of content for the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Alberto Fernández with the trip to the Cumbre of the Americas
Alberto Fernández with the trip to the Cumbre of the Americas

The president of the United States states that it is difficult to reverse these authoritarian regimes, by allowing a route to allow transit and freeze-linking. This is a regional hypothesis of Alberto Fernández and his papers in CELAC, which recognize Maduro, Ortega and Díaz-Canel as a regional forum.

El debut no fue auspicioso. The dictator of Venezuela, visiting Iran – accompanied by flights to the Embassy of Israel and the AMIA – kisses Alberto Fernández as a Sierra Maestra hero who casts a spell on T Samo Sam with his discourse in Los Angeles.

The Argentine state’s can offer a form of vinculada content to better human streams ya apply public statements affecting Biden’s domestic agenda and its possibilities for reflection.

The first example is the Venezuelan series, which has undergone a process of democratic transition that is being negotiated in the City of Mexico. It’s an arduo: Maduro and Biden –but igual- have internal strengths that complicate conversions and differing advances.

In this context, Alberto Fernández supported augmented diplomatic visits that included the integrated Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico and Washington. The design as ambassador to Venezuela, outside the frame of the Communist Party of Argentina, is not a casual thing.

Casa Blanca is located in Cuba and Nicaragua. The President also has the space to act: All Habana has a consolidated diplomacy that has been going on since 1959, and Managua has been ruled by a dictator encamped in a labyrinth.

Of course, with Alberto Fernández’s discourse at Cumbre, there is no such thing as Nicaragua. “It simply came to our notice then. There is no way of peder by Ortega being a continent encircled by the opposing conductors “, explicitly one of the members of the committe that travels to Los Angeles.

Alberto Fernández in his discourse on the Cumber of the Americas
Alberto Fernández in his discourse on the Cumber of the Americas

Before the final session of Cumbre, the president of the United States invites all his colleagues and a graduate to receive a detailed protocol. The regional leader must compete with a single member of the official delegation. 1 month 1, in the jerga of diplomacy.

Alberto Fernández with con Sergio Massathe title of the Cimara de Diputados.

The Palacio chit chat assured that the President included Massa in his official committees to compensate for Daniel Scioli’s design as Minister of Production. Scioli and Massa have Italian origins and are familiar with the formalities of Florence and Venice: they are always taken before the photo is taken before the media. Y nada más.

During the 72 hours that Massa was in the President’s lagoon trying to get the title of Diputados out of Los Angeles as a consular prize conceded by the state.

Mass on fire with Biden by Alberto Fernández’s political decision. And it’s not enough to tell the president and listen to what the democratic leader says about the region, the world and the United States. All accomplished by a menu of three passages including burrata, chicken and chocolate bar.

Inflation and the price of the dollar will continue to rise in Los Angeles’s the Gobierno or its 2023 presidential candidates.

Martín Guzmán had the absolute answer of Alberto Fernández, although he could have a political meeting with a Cabinet minister. Matthias Kulfas can not be called an axiom.

Mass questioning Guzmán as minister, and having technical and political discussions with Alberto Fernández. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner coincides with Massa, y La Cámpora as soon as possible to initiate the final cargo against the title of the Palace of Hacienda.

The President spies on Massa in Los Angeles. Now it’s saber for whom it’s, who desecrates the national and current diphthong.

Things to do for Alberto Fernández, Massa, inflation and the dollar.


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