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The amenity of a grave food crisis is as high as the escalation in the precision of the feeds that consolidate the alcist tendency of the inflation por m tis tiempo, alertó la Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE)to double its estimated inflation rate of 9 per cent before 2022, from 4.4 per cent over the next half.

The OCDE also recorded estimates for the world average PIB at 3.0 per cent in 2022, from 4.5 per cent projected in December.

“La high inflation is erosing the joints and the body of the joints, affecting with special durability the most vulnerable. La amenaza de sufrir una grave crisis alimentaria to make the most of money for the most economies of the world, I owe it to the rise of the rise of the Sumerians or their high costs, ”advises the organism in its June OECD Economic Perspectives.

La inflation forecast for 2022 now that the site is practically in the 9th percentile compared to 4.4 per cent projected on a decibel basis, that is, for the parts of the OCDE that are eroding the real inches available from the housings and the screw level, with the following consistent .

“The climate of inertidumbre is dealented the inversion of the companies and amenaza to retrieve the supply in the adjacent years”, advising the organism.

Nuevas prices of food and energy and the persistence of bottle shells in the chains of the sunset have factors such as the fact that the inflation of the precise consumption of high level alcance and the upward mantle lasted more than the prevailing time.

Without an embargo, the spread of inflation differs between countries. Turkey and Argentina are the most elevated inflation projections, of 72 and 60.1 per cent, respectively.

OCDE duplicates the estimated inflation for the United Kingdom at 8.8 per cent in 2022, para Espana increase projection to 8.1 per cent from 3.2 per cent prevalent in December and before Germany aumenta a 7.2 desde 2.8 por ciento seis meses atrás.

In the case of Mexicothe inflation projection below 6.9 per cent compared to 4.4 per cent exceeded in our last December report for United States at 5.9 per cent from 4.4 per cent.

Impact of war

Jacobo Rodríguez, director of economic analysis and stock exchange at BW Capital, indicating that the strongest unequivocally supported food, in line with the OECD perspectives, should be mainly in conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“For one thing, it has important grain products and the actual conflict provokes that it eliminates the need for proof; “On the other hand, the high prices of various commodities increase the distribution and production of food products, mainly affecting many nations, including Latin America, in which large quantities of food are in short supply.”

Aóadió that the goberners deberían record media and try to coordinate manner so that the current situation is not convincing in a humanitarian crisis. “Unsurprisingly, the expectations of the global economic growth are weakening and the polarization of the posture provokes policies that differ to find optimal solutions to social problems,” he said.

Alain Jaimes, economic analyst at Signum Research, aggregates such as bottlenecks, logistics inefficiencies, and pandemic-derived transportation, as well as recent geopolitical tensions, have been able to constrain potential supply, provoke scams, and even more so.

“The phenomenon of inflation is a problem that affects the whole population, as an embargo, the impact of the most severe manner on the most vulnerable countries at the level of inertia, both when importing for economic reasons and when it comes down to it. the decisions of the monetary organs are based on public policy instruments, ”he said.

Explain that the goblins, like the Mexican, increase the amplitude of the probability of materializing a food crisis scenario to generate policies that incentivize private inversion and reduce inertia in sectors, such as energy.

Mexico, alert

In Mexico, the OCDE rose to inflation rate of 6.9 per cent, against 4.4 per cent on a daily basis, and for the United States at 5.9 per cent to 4.4 per cent.

Ante esto panorama, Kathryn Rooney Vera, Bulltick’s director of global macroeconomic research, anticipates that problems in the cadastre of suministro at the global level ”.

It’s a sentiment, “Banxico has the upper hand, different from the United States when the Fed commented on a much larger amount of money than when it came to arranging money in a cup, Banxico sí lo hizo”, said in an interview with B Financier .

For your part, José Luis de la Cruz, President of the Commission of Economic Studies of Concamin, record that the OCDE inflation estimate for Mexico “in general terms coinciding with the inflation trajectory that all the current pressures are on and that Iran is causing the first semester of 2023, having reached the bottom 2024 of the Bank of Mexico objective of 3 to 4 per person ”.


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