Alerts by master doctors ‘patito’

Educational institutions with commercial interests approve and negotiate with the doctors who come to them to get a specialty.

al National Normative Committee of Medical Specialties Councils (Conacem) be aware that these schools offer general medicines, including specialized ones, masters who can only conclude in six months, even though they do not have validation for certificates.

Join a medical specialty where you can save as much as you can add to your wardrobe, hospital intern, and most social service, explicitly, Exclusive

Felipe Cruz Vega, secretary of Conacema vigilante encarrage institution whose 47 medical specialty councils in Mexico are certified by doctors.

Cruz Vega indicates that offering medical certificates without certificates implying a mortal risk to patients. Every year, detail, egres 50 miles of general medicine, of which 18 miles or 20 miles logran a plaza to hack to specialty.

The rest of the potential presses of the ‘patito’ masters.

The hares create what is a masterpiece of three, four, five or six months in aesthetic surgery. “But there are no clinical camps, no patients, no patients, all in a bed with slides, jerseys and gloves, which are not the responsibility of a patient”, said the president of the Mexican Academy of Cirugia. In one case, a group of 36 certified medical doctors in general surgery and otolaryngology performed in one of the main schools, located in Xalapa, for certificates as aesthetic surgeons.


The National Normative Committee of Medical Specialties Councils (Conacem) has detected educational institutions that offer general or inclusive medical services that are specialized, masters that can be concluded only in accordance with the following certificates .

A doctor in general terms trained five years old in education in the medical school or faculty, deprived of being an intern of a premeditated dentist in a hospital having guards, not more than 36 hours followed by patients; después, lo que se llama social service; be it accredited that hacemos, the medics only have a year of attenuation in the rural medium to the general gent, and that which lives in allied communities. Después, if any one is a specialist in internal medicine, or surgery, with three or four years; if you are looking for a subspecialty, you are more than just studying, going through neurosurgery and still have up to 7 years of specialization. The amount of hacer should not be considered against the fact that a medical study, dedication, training and that of providing a master in clinical fields, aesthetic surgery, and the point that must be certified.

From now on, hacer is registered, but there are many complications, but the hares create what can be hacked, including mortal cases “, advised Felipe Cruz Vega, president of the Mexican Academy of Cirugía. Conacem’s secretory is intended to, of course, vary from one institution to another, with institutions of commercial interest having a fertile ground for negotiating with physicians who are not willing to accept it in order to pursue a medical specialty.

Between every year, more than 50 miles of general medicine doctors take our schools and try to get a specialty, get the exam done for the medical specialty, which is controlled by the Secretariat of Health; sell the exam, sign up for more than 50 miles of general medicine. The embargo, the number of plazas for hacking the specialty and the distance from 18 to 20 miles, and the expiration of any excerpt that does not cover the way to hack a specialty and seal a formal design; they are one of the few pharmacies that hack activities, including different ones in medicine, but they can be used to find the right color.

It is a fertile cultivating field for commercial enterprises using its finesse and hack creations in a masterpiece of 3, 4, 5, or 6 months of aesthetic surgery. We investigate all cases, no clinical cases, no patients, all are in a slide with slides, jerseys and gloves, which are not accountable to a patient. The hare crees that can be certified, the Conacem verdict, by its structure, but by its consent, it avoids all costs, but they also go to legal instances with these schools, which, as they have great inches, han podido, inclus, infiltrarse en la Commisón de Salud en algunas legislatura e desde ahi pelar contra Conacem para puedan entra, pero nunca van a entrara por nos debemos a la siguridad del patientë ”, dijo.

In an interview with Excelsior, Dr. Cruz Vega contacted the case of a group of certified general and otolaryngologist medical specialists who work in one of these institutions for certification as certified cosmetic surgeons.

Now they are looking for certificates, but it is not obvious, we are exploring the body of Conacem and investigating how the master is aware that the general practitioners in the clinical fields are watching over those who offer what he has done. a tutor, it is a game, it is deshonesto, it is a latent learner to the patients and Conacem did not allow it. It is good that you prefer the short cut to aesthetic surgery, see a variety of parts of the country, many, many anniversaries, and a little bit of money for other diners, but complicate your patients a lot. Up to 36 doctors studying the aesthetic masterpiece in Xalapa, Veracruz ”, exhibit.

Before Conacem is certified, it can be determined that the medical specialist will receive a series of examinations of theoretical and practical conjugations of your specialty that guarantee that you can find up-to-date material on the subject and your knowledge, skills and expertise.

To treat an act, says Dr. Cruz Vega, of ethics and respect to patients who are certified that the doctor has the capacity to proportionalize the attenuation of high caliber.

In Mexico, the Conacem regula y vigila that the 47 medical specialist councils certified by the medical specialists, in accordance with what is stable Ley General de Salud and the stable lines by the Secret of Salud for its functional function.

In some cases it is unfortunate, when the demand is high, the medicine is not available during the certification or rectification period — even though it does not work at all – there is no other way of updating the software, or if there is a period except for cases that are unfortunate, no defender can be found. All instances that have been checked with taxpayers, public ministries have determined functions and when the point of saber has been met as required, for example that hack is checked in Conacem as the doctor is or is not certified, or not certified certified, agrava la situaci ”n ”, planteó Cruz Vega.

The medicine that comes from Jornadas Quirúrgicas Bienestar, which specializes in specialty services for the most apart places, concluding the population and offering it only to certified doctors.

If you can, click on the name of the doctor, open the page of Conacem, which is amigable, because of the specialty, the number and the appliance is up to date on your certificate, and the record is 5 minutes and 1 minute away guarantee for all ”, assured the doctor.


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