Alexander Zverev’s tears do not come as a surprise

MUNICH, GERMANY - APRIL 27: Alexander Zverev of Germany leaves the Center Court after his 2nd round match against Holger Rune of Denmark on day five of the BMW Open by American Express at MTTC IPHITOS on April 27, 2022 in Munich, Germany.  (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images)

Alexander Zverev exploded his way to the gate in Munich. Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

The German Alexander Zverev, number three of the world, cayó in the first round of the Munich tour against Holger Rune and be defeated in the wheel of the prince. “He tocado fondo”, affirms the tennis court not controlling the tears, “is my carrera moment”. Hay empezar diciendo que, más allá de Zverev, is shocking that it is passing in the tennis world from the beginning of the pandemic: just a few steps from the instability of the WTA circuit, of the sensation that all of them are looking at each other and acrobatically, like Ash Barty recently. Now, we tend to talk about the masculine circuit and its problem areas.

Assuming that all of them are tighter than the restraints, inserts and middle one of the bellows are closed. They are the constant focus of the mediums, preferably, which are most differential for searching tranquility. If you do not have all the gutters in your hand at the moment, you will not be able to do it at all, as long as you live with the pressure of public exercise. With all, hay algo that is not normal in that the number three of the world can break in two but lose a part in an ATP 250 ante a rival that promotes much of cara al futuro.

Hay que buscar más allá. Go from general to concrete. All of you are totcados, public figures, a little more … and Zverev is now under a lot of pressure that all celebrities are about to explode limiting the flow of mortals. Hay que tener en kuenta muchísimos factor, pero impecemos por los deportivos: Zverev es la decepción hecha jugador. We all agree with him as the dominator of the circuit, as the man who gets a shot at the dictatorship of Nadal and Djokovic. Expectations are on the horizon, since a junior era of 16-17 years old has been experienced by many challengers who are always trembling.

Y, without embargo, the results have not reached the height. Not a dominator, oh, porque we have a multiplayer Masters 1000 campaign and more than just ATP Finals. 2021 Olympic champion and 2020 US Open finalist. Aun así, esperábamos más. Zverev se quedado corto demasiadas veces. In principle, it is reproducible that the curtain unbuttoned while in the big slams. Luego, le le echó en cara su tendia a complicarase particos sencilos y que tuviera que desgastarse en marathonen a cinco sets. Now, it’s critical that your 25 year olds get a complete set, solo haya disputed the final of a grand.

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By the way, Zverev is very high with the ability to take on a world number. There was no disparate time when Djokovic was wearing a curtain all the way to the start of the tempo … and that Nadal was surprised at the end of the tempo. Without embargo, ten entones, it’s all right: per octave in Australia when one of the favorites winds down, and then the Miami Round and the rockets are fired against the game deprived of blinding an intriguing pair of doubles in Acapulco. Ahí ya estaba claro que el chico no estaba bien de la cabeza.

Pude, de hecho, que la flojísima sanc den de la ATP tuviera que ver con ese esta animico que ahora vemos las claras. When it comes to punctuation that a sanction on the offense of offense – arbitrators, in any kind of deportation, infiltration on intocables – is aggravated by the degree of mental resistance of the young forward. Si fue así, se equivocaron. Zverev does not go south to Indian Wells or Montecarlo, but has no semifinals near the tornadoes. In Munich, the landing of the Rune abbey, as soon as we see the great cosmos, and no respect for its aggression.

Zverev pareció a hombre around the cover: abbot, desganado, agotado per complet. You can expect it, you can see the pandemic, you can see the scrutiny of the princess before its solid sequences, you can, including, you can see that the Russian sea family is still alive in the world direct manner. You can say that you have recently received paternity with one of the new innovations or you can say that the investigation by very few traces the accusation of other lovers. Zverev ha vivido muy depris y demasiado en el alambre. Tarde o temprano, se tenía que swim.

However, it does not have a number of intruders that intentionally reduce the load, but it is not always possible. Try it with Juan Carlos Ferrero, who now agrees with the fruits of his illness with Carlos Alcaraz. Zverev is an impromptu man and he has lost weight. How much does it cost? Imposible saberlo. There is so much talent that Roland Garros, Ghana, and all exchanges. Ahora bien, necesita algo de estabilidad deportiva y personal. If not here’s a new product just for you!

Video | Zverev cae en Munich ante Rune

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